Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yuzu, KLCC

My new job is way more demanding than my previous one. I think sooner or later, I have to abandon this blog once again :( I miss blogging, I miss reading all my favourite blogs! A part of me really wishes to be a full-time blogger but that’s impossible right now as it’s not something that I can earn a living from. I’m hoping that I will be able to update at least once a week to keep this blog and the connection with my blogger friends alive. Fingers crossed and wish me luck! I miss ya all ~

Continuing from my Christmas lunch at Tanzini… We drove to KLCC and went in to Yuzu for dinner after an hour or two window shopping. We wanted to have something light as our tummy was still in a “full” mode but looking at what we ordered at last, our initial plan didn’t seem to work =.=

Unagi Tofu Set – The flavourful unagi went well with the plain tasting tofu. An interesting combination, but I can’t say that it’s some kind of foods that’ll make me crave for more. On the other hand, the tea pot soup was very refreshing, I licked the pot clean.

Inaniwa Pasta Set – Carol’s pasta set. I forgot to ask for a taste of the pasta but Carol told me it tasted like Spaghetti Bolognese.

Grilled Saba - Chris was trying to look for a grilled saba that can beat Kampachi’s one. This was good but still failed to be on top of Kampachi’s grilled saba.


  1. Hi Zoe, Good luck in yr new job. I am also finding it increasingly difficult to find time to blog nowadays.. maybe just set aside 1-2 hrs a week to blog since u enjoy doing it.

  2. Here's me wishing you find time to blog and keep in touch. How about scheduling posts? That way when u have some time during the week or weekend you can schedule some to be publish during the week... We'll be here waiting for you in case u find the way back, wishing you luck in everything!

  3. Baby Sumo: Thanks there! Yes, I will try, as what you said, set aside a few hours a week to blog because I really do enjoy blogging T.T

    Sunshine: The problem I'm facing is that I don't have sufficient time to write up a post and edit photos :( Anyway, thanks for your support and wishes! Hoping that everything will sail smoothly this year. Keep in touch! *hugs*


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