Saturday, January 08, 2011

美好回憶 ~ Yong Tau Foo, Madras Lane

I have fond memories of this Yong Tau Foo stall at Madras Lane, Petaling Street.

When I was a kid – mom always brought me here whenever we were at KL. It was mom’s all-time favourite Yong Tau Foo stall. I remember me, being a little displeased by the humid condition in here, eating away a hot bowl of Yong Tau Foo while wiping sweats on my forehead.

When I was in college – Proudly, I brought my college mates here and told them this was the best Yong Tau Foo in KL. And we went to KLCC after that instead of going back to college :p That’s probably the best privilege of being a college student, tee hee… Chris and I were regular customers too. The aunty from the drinking stall would know what drinks we want. She would ask “可樂(Coke in Chinese)?” and we just had to nod our head and smile :)

Now – Same humid condition, the familiar smell of Madras Lane and as packed as ever. The aunty able to recognize us even it has been a year plus since the last time we visited but she didn’t mention “可樂” this time, which we are pretty grateful of because we try to avoid high sugar canned drinks nowadays. BUT if she has ever mentioned the words “可樂?”, we’ll go ahead with it surely for not wanting to hurt her feelings, you know, just in case. Anyway, she certainly has an amazing memory power.

Big bowl of Yong Tau Foo – ladies finger, bittergourd, brinjal, tau foo (beancurd). The beancurd is as smooth as it used to be and has a lovely taste of soya. They are never stingy with the fish paste and ingredients. I have no doubt why they are still a renowned Yong Tau Foo stall in Petaling Street even after so many years.

Fried Fu Chuk (Fried beancurd sheet with fish paste) and Fried Dumpling - Their fried fu chuk is my favourite of all! I don’t why but I think it’s even crispier than before. Another big plus point for them. So good, I have to ask Chris to order more for me.

Chee Cheong Fun – from a stall right opposite from them. With only sweet sauce and a dash of chili sauce – simple and delectable. Goes well with the Yong Tau Foo too.

Do I have to wait another 1 year plus to savour them again?

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