Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Not mine, of course! It was the 31st wedding anniversary of Chris’s dad and mum. We were “invited” to their wedding anniversary celebration at Rakuzen, Empire Gallery. I’m serious, each of us received an e-invitation card from them (though more like a forwarded email =.=). The dinner was on a Wednesday. Although arranging a dinner on a weekday is not always the perfect idea for us who are working but after all, it feels good at the same time to have a little break in between working days. Moreover, I’m the least affected one as I offwork quite early nowadays. I can still have enough time to change and make up :)

Some photos of the night:

Same 'ol same 'ol family potrait ~

Chris & I and the lovely couple of the night.

We are a lovely couple too, I hope :)

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