Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve: Pasta De Gohan, Sunway Pyramid

It’s 2011 already but yet I’m still not done with 2010 yet :D Too many gatherings during the end of the year and I was in a miserable (and horrible) state last week, thus the lack of mood to write. Anyway, it’s all over now for the time being and I’m back to normal again :) In fact, I will enjoy the blissful time I have now and I certainly hope that I will have a peaceful year ahead.

The Lonely "Tree" - Christmas Eve should be a tad merrier than this but am happy with my companions :)

Cream Soup with Garlic Toast

Pasta - Cod Roe & Egg with Wafu Sauce – PLAIN, is all I can remember about this pasta. Quite disappointing as previously, we had some memorable ones at this place.

Pasta - Squid, Octopus & Spicy Cod Roe with Wafu Sauce – this was a tad better than Cod Roe & Egg with the presence of squid and octopus, but still, there was nothing wow about it.

Fried Rice with Salmon – the rice was very moist but then again, the taste was pretty bland.

Pizza - Scallop & Prawn with Tartar Sauce – used to be our favourite but I wonder why this time, the scallops and prawns were rather tasteless as if it had been blanched in the water for too long. The thin base was not as crusty as before too.

Pizza – Chicken & Mushroom – I like this one better. The base was crusty and there were at least some taste in the chicken and mushroom.

Everything we had at Pasta De Gohan that night, failed to cheer up our palate on a Christmas Eve. So to compensate on the rather disappointing meal, we had ice cream from Kindori!

Matcha with Almond and Hazelnut
Cranberry with Hazelnut and Chocolate Confetti

We get to pick a lucky draw from the small Christmas tree too. This is what I got.

Am ending the post with gleeful photos of myself, to remind me to stay happy and positive! I was in a high spirit that night.


  1. Hmm, the food, according to your review, seems to have downgraded slightly compared to your previous visit!

  2. Yes, I wonder if we'll ever visit again :/


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