Monday, January 31, 2011

A week before CNY

Phewww, last weekend had been a hectic one! Grandma’s birthday, Chinese New Year shopping…….. I was also filled with some continuous hair-pulling matters – my ceiling fan spoiled, an ant colony made my wardrobe their home and my black silk skirt as their “nursery” room, gastric and cough attacked me… what else? *cry* But let’s see:

Ceiling fan – fixed

Ant colony – cleaned. But I believe there is still one BIG colony underneath my wardrobe which is out of my reach, unless I move the entire wardrobe out.

Gastric and cough – got an injection for my gastric. Must eat on time and shall not let myself hungry for too long. Still coughing, hope it will get better or at least not worst during Chinese New Year.

Is 2011 a good year for PIG (my chinese horoscope)? Well, I don’t know. Good or bad, life still has to go on. But I do wish that everyone, including myself, will stay healthy and happy as always :)

On Grandma's Birthday at 天后宫(Thean Hou Temple) :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yuzu, KLCC

My new job is way more demanding than my previous one. I think sooner or later, I have to abandon this blog once again :( I miss blogging, I miss reading all my favourite blogs! A part of me really wishes to be a full-time blogger but that’s impossible right now as it’s not something that I can earn a living from. I’m hoping that I will be able to update at least once a week to keep this blog and the connection with my blogger friends alive. Fingers crossed and wish me luck! I miss ya all ~

Continuing from my Christmas lunch at Tanzini… We drove to KLCC and went in to Yuzu for dinner after an hour or two window shopping. We wanted to have something light as our tummy was still in a “full” mode but looking at what we ordered at last, our initial plan didn’t seem to work =.=

Unagi Tofu Set – The flavourful unagi went well with the plain tasting tofu. An interesting combination, but I can’t say that it’s some kind of foods that’ll make me crave for more. On the other hand, the tea pot soup was very refreshing, I licked the pot clean.

Inaniwa Pasta Set – Carol’s pasta set. I forgot to ask for a taste of the pasta but Carol told me it tasted like Spaghetti Bolognese.

Grilled Saba - Chris was trying to look for a grilled saba that can beat Kampachi’s one. This was good but still failed to be on top of Kampachi’s grilled saba.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Eve: Pasta De Gohan, Sunway Pyramid

It’s 2011 already but yet I’m still not done with 2010 yet :D Too many gatherings during the end of the year and I was in a miserable (and horrible) state last week, thus the lack of mood to write. Anyway, it’s all over now for the time being and I’m back to normal again :) In fact, I will enjoy the blissful time I have now and I certainly hope that I will have a peaceful year ahead.

The Lonely "Tree" - Christmas Eve should be a tad merrier than this but am happy with my companions :)

Cream Soup with Garlic Toast

Pasta - Cod Roe & Egg with Wafu Sauce – PLAIN, is all I can remember about this pasta. Quite disappointing as previously, we had some memorable ones at this place.

Pasta - Squid, Octopus & Spicy Cod Roe with Wafu Sauce – this was a tad better than Cod Roe & Egg with the presence of squid and octopus, but still, there was nothing wow about it.

Fried Rice with Salmon – the rice was very moist but then again, the taste was pretty bland.

Pizza - Scallop & Prawn with Tartar Sauce – used to be our favourite but I wonder why this time, the scallops and prawns were rather tasteless as if it had been blanched in the water for too long. The thin base was not as crusty as before too.

Pizza – Chicken & Mushroom – I like this one better. The base was crusty and there were at least some taste in the chicken and mushroom.

Everything we had at Pasta De Gohan that night, failed to cheer up our palate on a Christmas Eve. So to compensate on the rather disappointing meal, we had ice cream from Kindori!

Matcha with Almond and Hazelnut
Cranberry with Hazelnut and Chocolate Confetti

We get to pick a lucky draw from the small Christmas tree too. This is what I got.

Am ending the post with gleeful photos of myself, to remind me to stay happy and positive! I was in a high spirit that night.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

美好回憶 ~ Yong Tau Foo, Madras Lane

I have fond memories of this Yong Tau Foo stall at Madras Lane, Petaling Street.

When I was a kid – mom always brought me here whenever we were at KL. It was mom’s all-time favourite Yong Tau Foo stall. I remember me, being a little displeased by the humid condition in here, eating away a hot bowl of Yong Tau Foo while wiping sweats on my forehead.

When I was in college – Proudly, I brought my college mates here and told them this was the best Yong Tau Foo in KL. And we went to KLCC after that instead of going back to college :p That’s probably the best privilege of being a college student, tee hee… Chris and I were regular customers too. The aunty from the drinking stall would know what drinks we want. She would ask “可樂(Coke in Chinese)?” and we just had to nod our head and smile :)

Now – Same humid condition, the familiar smell of Madras Lane and as packed as ever. The aunty able to recognize us even it has been a year plus since the last time we visited but she didn’t mention “可樂” this time, which we are pretty grateful of because we try to avoid high sugar canned drinks nowadays. BUT if she has ever mentioned the words “可樂?”, we’ll go ahead with it surely for not wanting to hurt her feelings, you know, just in case. Anyway, she certainly has an amazing memory power.

Big bowl of Yong Tau Foo – ladies finger, bittergourd, brinjal, tau foo (beancurd). The beancurd is as smooth as it used to be and has a lovely taste of soya. They are never stingy with the fish paste and ingredients. I have no doubt why they are still a renowned Yong Tau Foo stall in Petaling Street even after so many years.

Fried Fu Chuk (Fried beancurd sheet with fish paste) and Fried Dumpling - Their fried fu chuk is my favourite of all! I don’t why but I think it’s even crispier than before. Another big plus point for them. So good, I have to ask Chris to order more for me.

Chee Cheong Fun – from a stall right opposite from them. With only sweet sauce and a dash of chili sauce – simple and delectable. Goes well with the Yong Tau Foo too.

Do I have to wait another 1 year plus to savour them again?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Not mine, of course! It was the 31st wedding anniversary of Chris’s dad and mum. We were “invited” to their wedding anniversary celebration at Rakuzen, Empire Gallery. I’m serious, each of us received an e-invitation card from them (though more like a forwarded email =.=). The dinner was on a Wednesday. Although arranging a dinner on a weekday is not always the perfect idea for us who are working but after all, it feels good at the same time to have a little break in between working days. Moreover, I’m the least affected one as I offwork quite early nowadays. I can still have enough time to change and make up :)

Some photos of the night:

Same 'ol same 'ol family potrait ~

Chris & I and the lovely couple of the night.

We are a lovely couple too, I hope :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Birthday Lunch: Sage, The Gardens

Gleeful me :)

This is the place where Baby Sumo has strongly recommended in her blog. She is a big fan of them. Having seen so many good reviews about them, Chris decided to bring me there on my big day :)

Warm bread – I always love to be served warm bread. It can feed my growling tummy (and indirectly reduce the impatience in me) and gives the meal a lovely start even before the starter arrives. We especially love the greenish basil pesto dip. I soaked my bread with the dipping, greedily!

Warm Artichoke Soup with Foie Gras and Sea Scallop – I was blown away. It had a very rich and creamy texture. The flavour was… quite extraordinary for me. Was it the flavour of artichoke? I got no idea, as I’m a dummy when it comes to cooking ingredients. Oh and, this was the first time I had foie gras. As what people always said, it had a melt-in-your-mouth texture. One word – SINFUL!

Fedelini Pasta with Egg Mollet, Winter Black Truffle – This was absolutely gorgeous! By tossing the mollet egg with the pasta, it added an ultra smooth texture and liquid to the pasta. It all just went sluurpsss into my mouth. Not to forget, the winter black truffle had added an extra fine touch to the gorgeous pasta.

Roasted White Pomfret with Zucchini Flower and Coral Sauce – the flesh of white pomfret was firm and flaky. The pomfret skin had a light crisp to it. The zucchini flower looked odd to me at the first sight as I never had something like this. The stalk tasted just like, well, zucchini. I tasted something gummy inside the flower. I think the chef stuffed some mozzarella inside. Odd but lovely.

Ginger and Lime Brulee with Mixed Berries and Almond Tuile – Love the burnt and crunchy caramel on the top of ginger and lime brulee. I appreciate the ginger taste in the crème brulee that had given it a refreshing note.

2 choices of Artisanal and Fermier Cheese – Pardon me, the waiter did tell us the name of both cheese, but I just can’t get my head round their rather complicated name -_- the taste of both cheese unfolded a truth about me – I am not a cheese lover! I do love cheese, but just NORMAL, COMMERCIAL cheese. The yellow colour one was ok but the white one…… I’m sorry but it smells like someone’s hair hasn’t been washed for weeks. I just don't know how to appreciate expensive cheese :(

White or brown? Blossoming.

Some caffeine to end the meal. Stain on the cup, don't stain on my teeth.

Just ignore the river.

Albeit the view was not as spectacular as Tanzini, the entire restaurant was very bright and “white” – an important factor for taking photos. The service was excellent too. Now I totally understand why it’s a favourite restaurant of Baby Sumo :)

The table behind me - was it Boo?

P/s: I think I bumped into a food blogger that looks like Boo, from masak-masak. It occurred to me that she might have been invited to review about their new menu. Haha, it’ll remain an unanswered question.
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