Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio, Sept '10

A lunch I had with Selina & KK on 1Malaysia day. Yes, that’s about 2 1/2 months ago -_-

First of all, I got the photos rather late from KK. Secondly, I was busy with my HK/Macau posts. So finally, after being stored in my hotmail inbox for weeks, it has a chance to be seen by my friends and all of you who are reading this :)

I recommended Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio to them after a pleasant dining experience I had there on August. But I wasn’t too delighted this time as there were some hit and miss in what we ordered. Maybe I had set my expectation a little too high.

Pan Fried Scallops, Fresh Ginger Sauce – reminded me of the starter I had on August, Crispy Scallop Tart. Fresh and juicy scallop that’ll make you craving for more.

Crab & Spinach Charlotte, Salmon roe, Creamy Mustard Sauce – well, at least this was a hit. Shredded crab meat and spinach all sheathed in a cabbage leaf (is that a cabbage leaf?).

Duck Confit & Porcini Hachis Parmentier, Porcini Sauce – had an unpleasant taste of duck. I called myself lucky because it was KK’s main course, not mine :P

Cod Fish on a marinated Cauliflower Tartar, Potato Mille Feuille and Orange Butter Sauce – Maybe I was not lucky after all because my main course, Cod Fish, didn’t taste too appealing either. First of all, the fillet was slightly overcooked. The supposedly tender and juicy texture of cod fish was ruined. Secondly, the marinated Cauliflower Tartar was just too raw and sour. I don’t know if it should taste that way or maybe it’s just me.

Raspberry Frozen Souffle, Pistachio Dacquoise, Pistachio & Raspberry Coulis – ahh, the desserts made up for the not-so-good main course.

Strawberry Transparence, Lime & Ginger Mousse, Italian Basil Sorber – we love this entirely except the weird-tasting Italian Basil Sorber on top of it.

Au revoir ~

Photographer: KK Tan


  1. Its a pity the main courses weren't so good. But their desserts are always awesome huh? :)

  2. Undoubtedly, I was a tad dissapointed as I brought my friends all the way there to try their food but it ended up not as good as Aug. Oh yes, the desserts were the saviour of that meal :)

  3. Your post reminded me to try this place!

  4. You should and blog about it after that ya! :) Interested to know what they'll offer in their December menu.

  5. yea, i also felt that the desserts in nathalie flairs better than their main course! would love to go there again if not the very inconvenient operating hours :D

  6. Little Inbox: Hey, hi there! Thanks for dropping by. I'm surprised ^^.

    AugustDiners: At least they still have their desserts to lure us back for more :D Oh ya, too bad they don't serve dinner. Actually not very convinient for me too as it's a bit far from where I'm living :P


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