Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Pixie Cut

It seems like I’m still in the era of pixie cut craze.

Yes, I cut my hair again. In fact, I have been keeping this pixie hairstyle for about a year now. But this time much shorter on the right side, similar to my first pixie cut. I’m very much influenced by Sammi Cheng’s pixie cut which I think looks uber stylish and smart on her. I love it from the very first time I saw it at her concert in HK.

Despite having a little boyish attitude, this haircut has its feminine side too as one side of the hair and fringe particularly, will be kept long. So you basically can have both boyish and girlish looks in one haircut. That’s what I love about this haircut. Although some might think I look better in long hair but I just haven’t had enough of it yet. This haircut makes me feel energetic and light (and younger, perhaps?) :D

This haircut needs some styling to look its best, which, I’m very lazy at. I would style it with a bit of wax or hairspray only when I’m going out.


  1. Oh... I was wondering how do you look with long hair???

    Btw I love Sammi Cheng too :) She's so cool...

  2. You can look for my old blog posts to have a peep of my long hair look :P or maybe I should post up my long & short hair photos side by side for comparison :D

    Oh you do?? High 5! ^^


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