Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kampachi, Pavilion

Kampung girl going out to city. Christmas deco in front of Pavilion.

Haven’t been to KL for months! 3 months at least… Thanks to a 40% voucher, I can finally get out from the kampung :P Chris wants to utilize that voucher to get some new clothes for CNY. Ahh, how I miss the crowded noise at KL.

A quiet Sunday afternoon. Green Tea.

We start the day with a lunch at Kampachi, a Japanese restaurant by Equatorial Hotel. The entire restaurant is very spacious and calm, with Japanese music playing on the background. We opted for a seat near the glass panel which is brighter and has a small view of the bustling street.

Soft Shell Crab Temaki – utterly crispy.

Soba & Chirashi Set – a rather big set, just perfect for greedy pig like me. I can have soba and rice, all at the same time! The set includes a bowl of soba with soup, prawn tempura, chirashi don, chawan mushi, pickles and fruits.

Soba with soup – apparently, their soba is made of imported buckwheat and is handmade daily. Perhaps because it is handmade, the soba has a nice grainy texture. The broth is very light tasting.

Prawn Tempura – crispy and has an airy texture. Eager to try more of their tempura next time.

Chirashi Don – this is like sushi in a bowl, with assorted sashimi served on top of a bowl of rice. I’m not a big fan of sashimi but among the bunch, I prefer the salmon belly.

Chawan Mushi – very smooth and has a strong taste of shitake mushroom.

Saba Set – This salt-grilled mackerel has got a thumb up from Chris. The mackerel is tender, juicy and has the right amount of saltiness.

After hours of shopping, Chris has got a few tops and slacks while I got nothing! -_- which, is quite unbelievable. But never mind, I can have Godiva Dark Chocolate Decadence ^^

Not as good as I imagined it would be, to be honest. Some extra bitter taste of dark chocolate would do it good. But yumsss to the whipped cream :9

Would love to try their cakes too, next time maybe :)


  1. The Soba & Chirashi Set you ordered looks good :) My kind of food..

    Yeah I think they make their soba noodle in-house daily cos I've seen the sifu at work before.... very skillful.

  2. So you are a greedy piggy like me too? :D I've found a soulmate then.

  3. The food looks delicious!

    It is a small world! You commented on my wifes blog, and I remember finding your blog from the "Next Blog" button quite some time ago.

  4. Hi Mark! In fact I did drop by at your blog some time ago too through your wife's blog :D

    and Merry Christmas!


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