Tuesday, December 14, 2010

K Break at Newbox

I remember I was feeling low that particular morning. I was sick of sitting in this office cubicle; worrying boss would pop in anytime without a warning. My heart was screaming for freedom! I didn’t know what I could do than just letting my resentment flow away by itself when suddenly, my mobile phone was singing “When I hear the birds start singing I wanna see you….”. It was my aunt, Natalie calling. Her call came at the right time and moreover, her suggestion to go Karaoke at night sounded like a savior to me! Gosh, I really need some fun!

Four Old Folks :D

We only managed to drag along my brother and sis-in-law to complete our “Old Folks Group of Four”. Frankly, at first I thought, there would be less fun without the presence of the younger ones but I was downright wrong! It was all fun and we all (except sis-in-law :P) sang our heart out shamelessly! To my surprise, Aunt Natalie knows a lot of new songs, like most of them! Oh, she is one hot aunt!

Everything tasted reasonably good except the disastrous sushi, cold and hard. So yea, sushi is served cold but it should taste fresh instead of stale. But well, you can’t complain much. It’s a medium-range buffet spread.

Left: I love the fried mihun and fried beancurd sheet.
Right: Oh this is a blurry photo but my aunt looks cute here ^^

It was a fun-filled night. I was feeling contented and lighter all over. We shall do it again soon because we deserve a break anytime, anywhere!

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