Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm lovin' it ~

I had a sudden craving for a hearty breakfast this morning. Forget about the yogurt and wholemeal biscuits for one morning, can I? When was the last time I had breakfast at McDonald’s? Probably a year ago? Hmm.. that’s quite long. Instinctively, I drove in to the McD’s nearby my office. That’s possibly the wisest decision I’ve made, for today :P The greetings from an enthusiastic staff, the jazz songs playing in the background, the morning sun rays, the smell of my Egg McMuffin… just fab!

Just one thing… the calories! (and the price. A clerk like me can’t afford to have breakfast like this, everyday!)


  1. I love sausage and egg mcmuffin :P But seldom eat cos lazy to drive out. Hehe.

  2. In fact, I like all their breakfast set :D You can order delivery!

  3. I never had egg mcmuffin before. My mom is quite opposed of me having fast food.

  4. Not even once? Lol, your mum is rather protective. It's good for you though. I try to avoid fast food as much as I can too, maybe just once in a blue moon.


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