Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friend is like a pot of flower

Selina has got to be one of my very few close friends who misses me a lot, like all the time :P if you didn’t know yet, she is my ex-colleague (in fact, I have many ex-colleagues, ahemm). Since after we go the separate way, she has been the one who persistently asking for a meet up and gathering. She is such a sweet dear but I have to let her down most of the time because I’m always busy during weekend (and weekdays even). Not to say busy, but weekend is my only time to be with Chris. Hence I would always turn down most of the gathering/event planned on weekend.

To be very honest, at times, I would be rather annoyed by routine questions like “when can we meet up?” or “when you will be free?”, it’s not like we didn’t meet up for ages. But at the same time I’m upset with myself too for not be able to fork out some time for a dear friend, what a nice friend I am.

Don't be frightened by my after-work-bare face -_-

Last few weeks ago, I managed to spare a night on a weekday to have a nice dinner (at Tony Roma's) and long chat with her, just before she started her new job. Ahh, who cares about that pile of dirty underwear at home? I can wash them another night. You know, for the sake of friendship

BBQ Chicken Sandwich - I'm sorry but this is prolly the worst burger I've ever had -_-" Overcooked chicken, overseasoned BBQ sauce, weird chicken smell.... Ramly burger can beat this without any effort.

Grilled Pacific Cod - the fish fillet was a little bit over-grilled but still better than the burger!

Our conversation was non-other than about love, relationship and a bit of career. Perhaps it’s because we are linked in a way – her boyfriend and husband-to-be, KK, was introduced to her by me. AND KK is Chris’s ex-colleague. See, we are related in many ways in fact.

Brownie! My endorphin stimulator.

Of course, the night ended with two happy hearts, after all the ranting and toxin were out from the body system :)


  1. I know exactly how you feel... sometimes it's not easy to make time for all those important in your life. I have kids so I often have to turn down my friend's invitations to hang out.

  2. I'm sure it's even harder for you to fork out time for gatherings as you have kids to take care of. I reckon many friends will eventually slip away as we grow older... only true friends with strong friendship will remain.

  3. Wow, she's pretty enthusiastic in maintaining the friendship between you. These days, such friends are rare.

  4. Oh yes she is. We used to be very close at our ex-company. That's why I do treasure her too.


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