Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas P

A loooooong list of Christmas presents I got for this year!




Ok, I lied. I don’t have a proud list of Christmas presents like some people do, but I will at least have two every year.

One from Chris.

One from myself.


This is what Chris got for me this year - Dior Skin’s Liquid Foundation in Nude colour (actually I picked this myself *cough* but anyway….) this is my first ever liquid foundation as I never own one before. I had always wanted to have one in my makeup box but I was worried that I’ll further ruin my already-clogged skin. But since now my skin has slightly improved (after some hard work & hard cash), I decided that I shall be able to use them on my skin on an occasional basis (e.g. dinner, special occasion).

Christmas gift from myself – 3 books by Cecelia Ahern. Comes in a lovely Christmas box. Her book, “PS, I Love you” has been made into a movie which I haven’t watch. However, just by reading the summary at the back of the book, I think this book is going to make me cry. Come to think of it, if “Shopaholic & Sister” can make me cry, what else can’t? -.-

The Christmas cheers have ended but hopefully, the spirit remains. I have yet to blog about my Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. So much to blog, so little time.


  1. For me, PS I Love You book is nicer than the movie.

  2. To me it's no the quantity but the quality of the presents so I think you did good. I haven't read any of those books but I will include them in my last. One of my last years resolutions was to read a book a month and I did pretty good, so I am keeping that one...

  3. Baby Sumo: Is it? Good then :D

    Sunshine: Totally agree with you! Wow, you did a good job then. Kudos! Let's keep this reading hobby going :)


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