Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Lunch: Tanzini, G Tower.

This again has proved the power of food blogs. I’ve heard of Tanzini through some food blogs that I frequented as Tanzini had invited a few food bloggers to review about their foods and hotel some time ago.

Al-fresco area.

Bright environment, chic decorations and furnishings as well as excellent service. Not to forget, the dazzling view of KLCC and a brilliant al-fresco area to enjoy the view – they have it all.

Initially we wanted to book a table for dinner on Christmas night but sadly, they were all fully booked. To be exact, the entire restaurant was booked by a family (obviously a rich family) for a private function. So the next best option was, lunch. The restaurant was rather quiet and empty when we were there. We were given the one and only menu of their Christmas Brunch Set. There were servings of lamb and beef which we don’t eat, so after some talk with the helpful manager, he agreed to take it off from our menu and replace it with fish instead.

Trio of Juice Booster Shots – consists of apple, orange and celery juice. A healthy and refreshing drink to start the meal.

Antipasti Tower:

Goat Cheese and Smoky Tomato Bruschetta – the goat cheese had a very strong flavour. I popped it in my mouth and let the cheese slowly melts by itself.

Seared Baby Scallop wrapped in Duck Pancetta – without looking at the menu, I would have thought the duck pancetta was bacon. The saltiness in duck pancetta has given the baby scallop a good boost of flavor. It had a light aroma borrowed from the stalk of rosemary, which I love.

Smoked Salmon

Eggs, Tanzini Style:

Omelet with Truffle Butter and Asparagus Spears – a nicely folded omelet with the center remained moist.

Half-boiled Egg Truffle Butter and Asparagus Spears – very ordinary. I prefer the omelet much better.

Seasonal Festive Platter:

Fresh Baked Bread – warm and lovely.

Blanched Baby Spinach – Bland tasting but I suppose healthy food should taste that way. It prepares the stomach for the main course ahead.

Rustic Potato Salad – lightly blanched baby potatoes tossed in olive oil, lemon and dill. Slices of fennel gave this salad a crunchy bite.

Garden Salad

Roast Turkey – First time having real turkey meat. They said turkey meat has a rough and dry texture like chicken breast but for me, it’s all fine. This one particularly, was nicely roasted as the meat was in between tender and dry – just nice.

Pan Roasted Omega 3 Barramundi with Cornetti Beans – Apparently, the fishes came from their own farm and bred in a clean and chemical-free environment. If that’s true, it is certainly a plus point for health conscious diners. What I like about this dish was the crispy and full-of-omega-3 fish skin.

Sauces for Roast Turkey & Pan Roasted Barramundi

Festive Petit Fours:

Christmas Log Slice – light and fluffy with pistachio bits.

Brandied Christmas Pudding – Firm and hard with chewy nuts and raisin. Had a note of sweet spices too.

Fruity, Nutty Chocolate Bark – This has won my heart among the other two. Despite the oh-so-cute and lovely baby cherries garnish, the bittersweet taste of the chocolate bark was something I highly appreciate too. One baby cherry + a bite of nutty chocolate bark = a match made in heaven.

Latte & Cappuccino - happy ending.

Endless chatter.

We have a planning already - to celebrate Carol's birthday this coming January at Tanzini. This time, dinner. I'm sure the view at night is even more stunning.


  1. Awww so you liked it there? I also plan to go back in January. :)

    Nice dress btw x

  2. Yes! Love it to the max! :D

    Thanks sweetie :)

  3. I hope you had a nice Christmas, it shows that you had a great lunch!

  4. Yes, I had a nice one. Happy! ^^

  5. Hi Little Inbox! Nice to see you here ~ ^^


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