Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Awal Muharram with Mun

I’m all alone today, during a public holiday! Chris has to work today. Sad sad…. Except, I’m not exactly alone all day but at first I thought I was going to be because no one wants to entertain me *sad face* until the last minute when Mun, my cousin sis finally showed a little kindness towards her lonely-27-years-old-big-cousin-sis. Otherwise I would go on a solo shopping spree.

Lovely cousin sis, Mun & I.

Oh, I hate finding car park during shopping peak season! I spent nearly half an hour to locate a vacant car park. I count myself as lucky to have spotted a guy who was going into his car and was about to leave (and reached the spot faster than all other competitors). Lesson learned: Please be an early bird next time. Otherwise don’t go out at all! -_-

A quick bite before embarking on our shopping marathon.

Messing up in the fitting room. Do both of these tops look nice on me? Still in my K.I.V list.

It’s the Malaysia Year End Sale now. SALE signboard can be seen in every shop but ironically, I only bought a top, some books and a surprise Christmas gift for Chris. But it’s ok, because I already have some reserved new clothes for coming Chinese New Year :)

Dinner & dessert at Secret Recipe ~

Vegetarian Fried Rice with Satay and Meatball Spaghetti.

Walnut Brownie, warmed up! Yums! and a free slice of cake for dine-in of RM40 & above (for Citibank Credit Cardmembers) :) We ordered many extra food just to reach the minimum amount of RM40 =.= Oh greedy pie....


  1. Oh, I have a few votes from friends for that dress too, in my FB :D Looks like I should really consider getting it. But it's a normal price item, sigh.


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