Friday, November 26, 2010

The Venetian Macao

We got a pretty good deal for our hotel stay at The Venetian Macao :D Much thanks to James! I had been looking forward to stay at The Venetian Macao that everyone’s raving about since its opening. We missed the chance to stay there 2 years ago, so finally this time, we made it there!

Surely, I had seen some photos of their room before we went – very royalty and classic. It turned out exactly the same as the photos, thankfully. The moment I entered the room, everything was very appealing. The bed, the bathroom and… the living room! The entire room was very spacious and elegantly decorated. More like a mini suite to me…

I'm still practising on how to shoot a better human potrait :) I'm a noob in that. Do these look ok?

The first thing we did was, record a video of the room and shortly after, we turned the hotel room into a photo studio! Snapped loads of portrait for Chris’s parent and the result was pretty good, with the help of external flash.

Left: Chris & Parents
Right: I asked them to kiss Chris on the cheek. A very rare but lovely sight ~

How can I be left out? Can't get enough of the plushy bed.

But appearances can be deceiving. There were flaws behind all those glittery golden furnishings. The living room chair for an example, may look expensive but actually it’s very light-weighted, as if it’s made of low quality wood. Same goes to the mirror frame. You get the picture. While the bathroom on the other hand, would be perfect if it can be more ergonomically-designed.

Nevertheless, on the whole, it was a pleasant stay. The most spacious hotel room I have stayed so far.



  1. Room looks nice an comfy, would like to spend one night there someday :)

    I think you did a good job on the portraits only I would say you should do more of a horizontal way to leave more space on the sides of the people (does this makes sense?), still those are good!

    I specially love the 2 pics where you are laying on the bed, those are fab!

  2. Sunshine: I have to admit that I'm a vertical-ist! haha! I love capturing photos vertically. I think, as you suggested, I shall practise to shoot more horizontal ones. and thanks for the compliment :D

    Laura: Absolutely :>


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