Thursday, November 25, 2010

Macau Fisherman's Wharf

No money to travel around the world yet, like many of us? Well, Macau Fisherman's Wharf (澳門漁人碼頭) can make your dream (partially) come true. Inspired by a few famous landmarks from China, Tibet, Rome and so on, they imitated and built them right inside their theme park. And the best thing of all, you don’t need to pay a thing to visit the theme park. Just get ready your camera and show your camwhore potential to the max!

A word of advice: Can be freaking hot during afternoon/summer!

Hi, we are at The (Fake) Coliseum, Rome!~

My dream came true, yay! (Hope I can visit the real one next time *sigh*)

Self-hypnosis: I'm in Rome, I'm in Rome..... -o-

Joey: Can we go yet? It's super hot here, I'm melting! -_-

The next second, I'm in China! Back to the mainland :D

Emm, maybe I should change into a Cheongsam and put two fake braids to look the part :D


  1. ya! Can at least have a preview of places like China and Rome :D

  2. This place looks better in daylight!

  3. So you went there at night? I'm sure it has another kind of scene at night :)

  4. The fourth pic is very nice leh!

  5. Baby Sumo: Oh thanks! :D It'll look even nicer without me there I suppose, I look so awkward there. :P


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