Thursday, November 11, 2010

The House of Dancing Water (水舞間)

We were lucky to have a Macau trip planned in early of October as coincidentally, it was just 3 weeks after the launching of The House of Dancing Water (水舞間). Apparently, it is a HKD 2billion project and it is by far, the world’s largest water-themed show! Impressed yet? Hold it there; be prepared to be even more impressed after the show!

Oh and their theme song “Water of Love”was sang by Sammi Cheng (Chris’s idol since teenage years).

Waiting anxiously for the show to start.

By the word water-themed, obviously, I was expecting to see lots of dancing water with lighting effects and music. But my expectation was totally wrong! Because, they gave me far more than that!

Heart-thumping water & motorcycle stunts, amazing acrobatics & aerial arts, incredible stage effect and design that made me go “awww..ahhh… and wow”! It is, up to now, the best visual experience I’ve had!

Chris and I even had an extra little “special” experience compare to those seated higher in behind – we got water splashing on us in between show! Shiok! Thus, those audiences in 1st and 2nd row will have a towel provided for them before the show starts. Some well-informed audiences even brought along big plastic sheet and raincoat for extra protection! Well, for me, I don’t mind getting a bit wet because it is part of the fun – I’m feeling it!

We only took a few photos of the show as we wanted to concentrate on appreciating the entire amazing show. After all, you have to go and watch it yourself for an out-of-the-world visual experience!


  1. WOW! Looks like a fabulous time, wish they had something like that here to go look at. Last year they opened a little Dinner Cabaret Place but not nearly as exciting as "The House of Dancing Water".

  2. Yes, an exciting show indeed :) I would say not many willing to invest that much in creating show like this. Nevertheless, I hope there'll be more such amazing show in the future, for us!


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