Friday, November 19, 2010

Home-cooked Lunch at Macau

Woo hoo, I love home-cooked meal! After days of eating heavy and sinful meals, a good old home-cooked meal is simply delightful. Nothing can beat a home-cooked meal!

Scrumptious lunch at James’s house (Chris’s cousin brother) - Fried Prawn in Batter, Steamed Fish, Stir-fried Vegetable, Braised Pork & Egg. Oh, and the soup (not in the picture)! The fish maw in the soup was so smooth and gooey. Mmm, love it! Another favourite of mine was the Fried Prawn in Batter – crispy to the bite.

All cooked by Chris’s aunt. She was there at Macau to visit her granddaughter.

Playing with Qing Qing .. Her skin was so soft to the touch. Can I hug her to sleep? But count me out when it comes to midnight milk-feeding and napkin-changing =.=

See ya again Qing Qing ~

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