Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gathering on Deepavali ~

This is one of the best things being a Malaysian! We don’t just celebrate New Year of our own ethnic; we celebrate ALL New Year of the 3 main ethnic groups in Malaysia – Malay, Chinese & Indian! Oh, and Christmas too!

Aheemm, I have to confess that I’m happy because we have loads of public holidays here! I’m sure every Malaysian does! We can make use of the holidays to go for a vacation, to rest at home or .. to have a gathering with friends and ex-schoolmates like we did!

With Mr. Self-timer. Just right in front of Dragon-I.

8 girls in total with 2 of them having a baby bump, what you can expect is a F.O.C all-about-pregnancy seminar talk. Though I’m not expecting to get pregnant, but I really love to hear everything about it and at the same time admire how beautiful they look even with that extra bump on their tummy. That has kind of changed my perception in pregnancy.

To be totally honest, I didn’t get to really mingle closely with all 8 girls as I tend to stick to those who are closer to me and am more familiar with but I still feel very grateful and happy to be able to meet up with all of them. It feels really good to be surrounded by friends :)

Trapped in the snake-long queue. Bel's naughty face.

Not just that, Nicole, Belinda and I had a crazy shopping spree after the lunch. Coincidentally, it was a “Friends & Family” sale day at Quicksilver. 50% off everything in the store for member card holders and their friends! Lucky us, Nicole is their member! Spent hours there – digging out clothes, trying on bikini and finally, queuing up to pay money! Spent a fortune there but the ultimate shopping queen was……

Nah, I’m not going to reveal here but just take a look at the receipts below o.O....

Total damage.

After being in the “shopping war” for hours, we were all dehydrated and hungry!! So Manhattan (Fish Market) we went! Had a really good and long chat, all about sex womanly stuffs! Nicole is a guru in this! :D

Soulmates ~

The best thing is, we are very open to each other even in some rather sensitive subjects. It ain’t easy to have such soulmates.

Super blurry photo, but I simply love the matching smile on our face :)

Cheers to friendship!


  1. Girlfriend time is great, so much to talk about so little time! Look like you had a blast with them. Happy ALL Holidays to you!!!

  2. Yes, it was a fun-filled day! ALL holidays, ya right! :D

  3. omg, seriously what did u bought? even, in Australia I dont spend over RM1000+ / AUS$500 from Quicksilver. I bow to u guys

  4. LOL, both receipts are not mine. I'm No.3 :D The owner of RM1000 receipt bought a luggage (which already cost RM350-400), tops, hats, etc!

  5. too bad im not there if not sure will learn a lot from the guru.....

  6. Yes, you will! :D Don't worry, we'll have more chatting session upcoming I'm sure :>


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