Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Fleming Hong Kong

I don’t usually have the urge to review or talk about a hotel but The Fleming has given us a really good impression that it worth a credit or two from us to show our appreciation.

So it’s not an uber luxury 5-star hotel, but the quality of their room and services is not in any way lower than them. They may not have a grand lobby, but they have very friendly and helpful receptionist. They may not have a luxurios-looking building exterior, but they have very ergonomically-designed and comfortable rooms. There is no doubt why they are an award-winning boutique hotel.

Getting changed

We took their superior room. At one glance, it looks just like any ordinary hotel room but when sleeping time comes round, you’ll appreciate the quality of their bed - neither too hard nor too soft. And one fact I like the most about their bed is that, it’s not too springy. Meaning that you’ll minimize the chances of disturbing your sleeping partner whenever you make any movement in the bed.

Sometimes, it’s the little kind gesture that counts – like this cute piece of weather notification on our desk every day.

Oppss, sunny day with random rain tomorrow ~

And this pair of utterly BIG and comfy slippers! One of the best hotel slippers I’ve worn.

If you do not have such a big feet, do not wear such a BIG slippers.

Location wise, it is near to the city with a MTR station within walking distance.

Price wise, slightly cheaper than 5-star hotel but with 5-star services.

What’s not to like about this boutique hotel? We are one BIG happy customer! :)


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