Tuesday, November 16, 2010

金桃源饭店 & 晴晴

Chris’s cousin brother was too kind enough to bring us around for local delicacies and sightseeing in Macau when we were there for the first time 2 years ago. Chris and I have been missing the 脆皮鸡 (Crispy Skin Chicken) we had in a Chinese seafood restaurant. Without him, I swear we wouldn’t know where to find such a good restaurant as it is located in town, away from tourist spots. One of those local’s best-kept secret s! Hence, we were so looking forward to revisit this restaurant this time BUT the luck was not on our side – the restaurant was on a rest day the day we went! *sigh*

But anyway, he brought us to another Chinese restaurant, 金桃源饭店. Which, thankfully, was as good as the previous one! Not even one dish was below “Good” rating. Everything was so flavourful, I wished I could order another 2 bowls of rice BUT I didn’t because I was too ‘paiseh’ (shy) …. -_-“ No doubt why it was soooooo crowded. Worth the 20 minutes of waiting outside the restaurant!

Ready to get hungry?? Scroll down……!

金牌炸子鸡 (Crispy Skin Chicken) – Not as crispy as the previous restaurant but still good enough to cure our craving for the time being. I simply love those crackers.

豉椒炒蜆 (Stir-fried La La with Black Bean Sauce and Chili) – Salty & spicy. One more bowl of rice please!

蒜茸蒸虾 (Steamed Prawn with Garlic) – strong flavour of garlic! The glass noodles in the bottom tasted so good after absorbing all the flavours from the sauce! My favourite dish of the bunch. Just make sure to pop a lot of mint candies into the mouth after that!

海味煲 (Seafood claypot) – a pot of seafood goodness.

椒盐九肚鱼 (Pepper & Salt Fish) – the flesh of 九肚鱼 is very tender naturally. I have tried the braised version at Chris’s home but it was my first time eating fried ones. The tenderness of the flesh remained even after been through a frying process, credits to the chef, but it can be quite salty if eaten as it is (without rice).

酸甜猪扒 (Sweet and Sour Pork Chop) – I didn’t eat much of this but Chris said the meat was tender.

腐乳油麦 (Stir-fried Lettuce) – 7 plates of seafood/meat but only 1 plate of greens – not at all a balanced meal! :D

脆皮乳鸽 (Deep-fried Pigeon) – This is the only dish that we didn’t touch because… we don’t eat bird… I mean pigeon :/

I think we all need a break from all those sinful foods!

So let’s navigate away from it for a while and adore this cute little baby girl, 晴晴 (Qing Qing).

She is Chris’s 9-months-old niece, born at Macau. Ohh, how I love baby girl! So tame and calm… Chubby and bubbly ~ Yummy yummy, come give Jie Jie a bite !

Just so cute *sniff & kiss*


  1. Oh WOW! I must stop reading your blog before lunch, as I will be highly disappointed when it's time for my lunch, I want what's on those pictures, EVERYTHING looks yummy!!!!
    (Thanks, now I am hungry...)

  2. LOL! ^.^ I'm sorry I made you feel hungry ~ Even I, myself, was drooling over those photos :D Is there any chinese restaurant at your place to cure your craving?

  3. Wow the food looks absolutely delicious.... I like everything I see :)

  4. wah u so bad leh want to bite her so cruel.......

  5. Baby Sumo: My stomach growls everytime I look at it :9

    Susan: Haha, so tempting to bite! *evil grin*


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