Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Strained Neck

Oh gosh, the back of my neck has been aching for days….. I can’t sleep well at night as well due to the pain and stiffness. What comes next after that? Headache….! -_-

I think I strained my neck during the trip when I hanged the heavy camera on my neck most of the time. Though tired, my neck didn’t show any serious pain even after a few days of doing so. But after I was back at home, it finally raised its white flag to me. I think I have overworked my neck… but do I/we have any option anyway? We have to share the burden of carrying that bulky gear, otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair or it’s just too unkind to put it all on Chris alone. I mean… I used to do that but since I knew how tough the job was (and what caused Chris to become temperamental at times), I’m now a more helpful person.

Giant baby on my neck -_-

As we both love photography, neither of us is willing to give up that fat-and-heavy baby :/ So I’d say, live with it!

HK post coming up… I’m working on it *work hard*

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