Thursday, October 07, 2010

Onion Omelette

This has to be one of the dishes that I cook the most frequently, I can cook it with one eye closed! It was one of the first few dishes my mom taught me when I was very young, when I knew almost next to nothing about cooking. Egg is a very essential ingredient in many households because it can be cooked into various dishes, be it Asian or Western style. Whenever I’m planning for a quick home-cooked meal, egg is the answer to everything ~ Perhaps will share out more Lazy Recipes soon – I hope my recipes are not too lame :P Just for sharing purposes =)

- Egg
- Big Onion

- Salt


1. Cut big onion into slices. Break eggs into bowl and add a pinch of salt. Whisk until both well blended.

2. Heat up some oil in the wok. Pour in big onion slices, fry until fragrant and a little brownish.

3. Pour in beaten eggs and let it cook for a while before flipping to another side. When both sides are cooked, done!

Serve with rice & blanched vegetables :)

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