Friday, October 08, 2010


Regardless of how much we hate them, they are there living with us everyday! Those little creepy crawlies.... :/ Though my biggest phobia is cockroach, lizard can still be quite annoying, especially its poo-poo! They like to hide behind cabinets and doors, under the basin and sofa... Not just that – more often than not, they die (either accidentally or naturally) at some hidden place. The worst I’ve ever seen? Underneath the rice cooker lid! I don’t know how to explain this, but yes it was there, somewhere we wouldn’t notice on normal days. One day when mom or dad took out the lid to wash due to some strange odors.... SURPRISE ~ !

It was dried up entirely like a salted fish. Imagine, we have eaten “steamed lizard rice” for days… or weeks…. I don’t know how long! I wonder if there was any extra “aroma” in the rice o.O Eww eww….. Luckily that happened decades ago and it never affected my appetite for rice.

Back to a more recent case which happened right in my room. One day when I walked into my room, an unidentified odor swept across my nose. I thought “Hmm, this smell is not normal.” I sniffed around for a clue but to no avail. The smell kind of vanished after a while, so I ignored it, hoping that the smell came from somewhere else instead. However, the smell still persisted after a few days and that was when I started to suspect that it might be Lizzie the Lizard - that frighten lizard that crawled into my room and hid under my bed a week ago. We tried to chase it out from my room then, but we couldn’t find it!

I searched high and low for the corpse of Lizzie but I still COULDN’T FIND IT! -_- Not until the next day in the afternoon... while I was watching TV on my bed, the smell was getting worst. Following the trace of the smell, I gazed down to the floor space under my bed through the tiny gap between my bed frame and the wall……. THERE YOU ARE, GOTCHA!

I quickly told Chris that I finally found it but to tell you the truth, Chris has Scoliodentosaurophobia (lizard phobia :p). Chris may be a hero in catching cockroach and bug but ironically, has fear toward lizard. But someone has to do it! After much struggle and effort, Chris managed to pick it up at last *relieved*

If lizard knows how to read, I shall stick this at my door!


  1. OMG. i am too!
    you and me are so alike. gosh, just yesterday i took a pic of a baby lizard invading my kitchen.

  2. Omg.... Rice cooker!! After reading bel's blog now yours....(*vomiting*) :S

  3. I was having terrible problems with geckos (a.k.a white lizards) in my house and got rid of most of them by burning some eucalyptus essential oil inside the house (also works with tea tree oil), the smell is strong and they don't like so they stay away, try it, it might work for your lizards too!

  4. :S i can still remember the smell..

  5. Bel: At that moment, I can't even think of taking a picture of the "corpse" :\ Do post up and share the lizard photo you taken

    Laura: LOL, sorry we have made you lost appetite :P

    Sunshine: Ya, I did read at your blog before. It's a good and natural way to chase them away ya! Thanks!

  6. Chris: In fact you still have the fear up till now :D

  7. lizard still OK. Doggy no way maybe i have Cynophobia.. even puppies i also scare leh....

  8. I'm ok with dogs that are tame and cool ~


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