Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hong Kong - All about shopping

Warning: Long post ahead

Sunrise :)

Since our itinerary was so random, I’ll categorize into two posts – shopping and eating. I know it couldn’t help much in giving the best picture of Hong Kong but I would be more than happy to share what we have done at Hong Kong and Macau this time :)

As I mentioned earlier, the weather was so hot (and rainy at times) that the best thing to do was shopping in the mall to hide from the sun (and rain). Well, whether the weather’s good or bad, the best thing to do in Hong Kong is still – shopping!

Shopping marathon.

The best time to shop at Hong Kong is in July when there’ll be sales everywhere and lotsa summer clothing will be up for grab at a great deal. For other months of the year, there’ll still be a lot of good deals at some malls but you might see an array of autumn/winter clothing instead of summer ones. Our few favourite shopping spots:-

Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung

In Esprit outlet.

Quite far from the city but aasily accessible by MTR. With a lot of branded outlets like Coach, Burberry, Guess, Club 21 and more.

H & M

H&M at Central. In the midst of shopping. Dark blue winter jacket.

My favourite shop in Hong Kong ever! Similar to our MNG here, they have a whole array of clothing that’ll make any women’s eyes dazzle. Besides, they also have man & kid’s department. Can easily spend a good one hour here. When I went there (October), they were selling winter clothing already. I managed to grab a nice dark blue winter jacket and a sweater at a reasonable price. The largest H&M is located at Central.

IFC Mall, Central

IFC Tower. Browsing through racks of clothes.

Located at Central side by side with IFC Tower, it’s hard to be missed. The most sought-after shopping mall for Hong Kong’s celebrities as it is large and elegantly renovated. Also, pay a visit to their CitySuper supermarket. Lots of hidden gems in Hong Kong’s supermarket, something we wouldn’t get here in M’sia. Chris is absolutely a supermarket-junkie!

Argyle Centre, Mongkok

Not coming out from the store empty-handed.

Very alike to our Sg. Wang (KL) here but with 10 times the shop and 10 times the crowd! Most of the shops sell clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty items at a good price. A paradise for youngster! But do compare the quality as many items are made in China. There are some shops selling designer and unique items too where price will be slightly higher than normal item or even equivalent to branded


Roaming from street to street.

For gadgets lover, Mongkok will not disappoint you with dozens of shops to hop in and out for the latest gadgets in town. Hong Kong is the best place to shop for gadget stuffs as it is tax-free. You’ll find it cheaper than Malaysia.

1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui

Previously the headquarters of Hong Kong Marine Police, it has been refurbished and transformed into a shopping and tourist spot. The gigantic tree is one of the attractions. The shops inside might be too classy to even walk in but it is a nice place to take photos. In fact, when we went there on 10.10.10, there were countless pairs of bride and groom parading around and taking wedding shots. A beautiful sight ~

At 1881 Heritage.

Also popular among tourists:-

Ladies Street (女人街)

Ladies Street. Striding into the hot oven.

Basically not advisable to go during afternoon or worst still, summer, as it can be as hot as oven inside the market! But for a first timer, you might want to make a trip there as it is a landmark of Hong Kong and there are a lot of vendors selling souvenirs at a negotiable price.

Hoi Mei Street (海味街) (Actual name: Des Voeux Road West)

Salted fish, hangover. Stacks of dried abalone.

A least favourite for youngster (read: me :P). But since Chris’s parent tagged along this round, we just took a short stroll along the Hoi Mei Street. Dozens and dozens of shops selling dried seafood products – shark fin, fish maw, abalone, sea cucumber, salted fish.. you name it! But to get the best deal, you have to compare prices with a few shops before closing the deal, meaning that you have to walk and walk!

Eating post will be coming up next, hopefully soon. For old (and all) Hong Kong Post, click here :)


  1. H&M!!! So jealous..... it's my favorite shop when I lived in UK! Really hope that they will open one in KL.

    Btw, all your attire look very nice... hip chick :)

  2. Agree! Would be glad if they open a branch here :D

    Ohh thanks!! That's a sweet compliment..! :) I can't even remember when was the last time I got a compliment for what I wear *sad*

  3. Looks like you had a great time. The pictures make me want to go shopping. I love that red scarf you are wearing on one of them.

  4. Yeah I had a great time but yet so tiring...!

    You do?? Aww, you all are so sweet ~ thanks :)

  5. Hohohoh
    the cat is here... :D

    Lucky my flight postponed to next week, now i can read your posts before i go ^^

  6. Miao!!!! You are here!! So touched to see you here T.T sobz.... Sorry for the lame HK post but I hope it could at least gives you an idea >.<

    See ya in your blog! ^^


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