Saturday, October 30, 2010

HK - 五代同糖 & Hokkaido Green Tea Ice Cream ♥

五代同糖 - Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Egg Pudding – I saw it first at my friend’s Taiwan holiday trip album and I thought it is a Taiwan’s specialties. I have to love its presentation – egg pudding in the egg shell itself! Very lovely indeed. The pudding is equally as nice as it looks. Can be finished within seconds ~

Warm Chocolate Cake (心太軟) – an ultimate comforting food. Soft and warm - with hot chocolate lava flowing out from the inside ~ Spells L.O.V.E.

Original Soufflé – scoop down for a spoonful of melt-in-the-mouth cake. It has an enticing bubble-like texture.

Pineapple Snowflake Ice

City Super – Times Square, Causeway Bay

Hokkaido Green Tea & Milk Ice Cream – not any other green tea ice cream, it is made with Hokkaido Milk which is one of the hottest things in town. Even Hui Lau Shan (许留山) has a new array of desserts with Hokkaido Milk as its main attraction. The smoothest ice-cream I’ve ever tasted so far! What can I say, I’m in love! ♥


  1. Wow all my favorite desserts - creme brulee, chocolate molten cake & souffle :) Looks so delicious.

    Have you tried the Hokkaido ice-cream in The Gardens? Is it anything like the one u had in HK?

  2. I never try it, i wonder what it taste like?

  3. Baby Sumo: Hokkaido ice cream in The Gardens? Nope, I don't think so. Where is it located at? Would love to try! Would be glad if they taste as nice as hk one :)

    Laura: Ohhh, it tastes very milky and very smooth in texture. Speaking of Melb, have you tried the Il Dolce Freddo Gelato ice cream at Lygon St? Very nice!

  4. nope!! will keep that in mind, this Friday i will at city

  5. Good! So if you have extra time to spare this Friday, you can drop by there to try it! :)

  6. The Hokkaido ice cream is on Level 3 I think, just newly opened 1 month ago. The shop is called Hokkaido Ichiba.

  7. nice shot of the warm chocolate cake.. :D yum yum...

  8. Hi Shirleen! Thanks there ~ :) The cake itself is appealing, doesn't need much effort to capture its "beauty" side :)


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