Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday Night Treat: Rakuzen @ Empire Gallery, Subang

Chris has been busy for months….. *sigh* So we would just stay at home all day long during weekend. Chris working, me…. cooking! I’m in charge of preparing lunch and dinner for us. The chaos of ingredients preparation, cooking and washing…. drove me nuts at times -_-

Thus for a little reward for ourselves, we would throw in a nice eat-out meal once in a while, to cheer up that dull spirit.

If you have been to Rakuzen at SS15, Subang, you would probably know how packed was the restaurant. Good news, because they opened another branch in Empire Gallery, just minutes away from SS15. Surprisingly, the restaurant was quite empty that evening. Good, because we can pick a decent table with a view (of roads and cars -.-).

Gindara Set – Our all time favourite bento set. The grilled cod fish in teriyaki sauce is especially nice to go with steamed rice.

Saba Shioyaki Set - Salt grilled mackerel fish is another all time favourite of mine. An uncomplicated and healthy meal.

A slice of see-through Daikon

Apart from the bento sets, Chris ordered a treat for us to savour - Uni (Sea Urchin). Priced at RM45 for a small portion, I would say that it’s not too affordable for a casual dinner but would be fine for an occasional treat.

Uni (Sea Urchin) – sweetness of fresh seafood that’ll melt in your mouth

Empire Gallery is our favourite food spot recently. Besides having an ample parking space, I love their bright and calm atmosphere with a minimum level of crowd. Perfect for a Friday night dinner to celebrate the beginning of the weekend (pity Chris still has to work over the weekend though)~

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