Monday, October 04, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

……..the book, not me! (though I suspect I have a big potential of being one =.=) Aheemm, so this is my first English novel. First in 27 years! Wondering what makes me start so old? I used to be a Malay novel reader during primary school. I had bunches of collection, mostly of mysterious stories which intrigued me. I’m quite into reading, I must say. But weirdly, English novel was never my cup of tea. Thinking back, perhaps it's got something to do with the level of my understanding in English. There were too many words which I don’t understand and that made me gave up reading English novel/book totally.

Perfect lunch buddy

So, what gave me the urge to buy my 1st ever English novel? Hmm, must be the chick flick, Confessions of the Shopaholic! Like any other typical chick flick, this movie is humorous, touching and romantic – all in one. After I knew that this movie was inspired by a book of the same name written by Sophie Kinsella, I wanted to discover more about the whole original story. And a part of me, to be totally honest, hoping that I could expose myself to more English words as well as getting more idea of how to write better. And now that I got zero colleagues, I have a full one hour lunch to myself which I’m sure would be better spent on reading than daydreaming.

To Manhattan ~

Thus, book has become my lunch buddy since. I’m done with this book already by now and am starting another book from the same Shopaholic Series – Shopaholic Takes Manhattan which is a good as the first! There are at least 3-4 more books from the same series, still a long way to go! There is so much more interesting and tickling storylines in the book if compared to the movie, obviously, because they can’t insert everything from the whole series into one movie. What’s more, the love story between Becky and Luke is completely different from the movie! I personally prefer the book one, much more…… thrilling and sexy! :P

P/s: By the time I post this, I’m half-way through reading the 3rd book from the Shopaholic Series - Shopaholic Ties the Knot :)


  1. I love the Shopaholic book series too :)

  2. Maybe because we all are Becky Bloomwood - the shopaholic! We can see ourself in there :D


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