Monday, October 11, 2010

Chili Pan Mee @ Restoran Super Kitchen, USJ 9

I’m ga-ga over their Chili Pan Mee & Fried Beancurd in Thai Sauce! Though it never fails to give me a good tummy ache the day after, I’m still stubbornly savouring it! They have a very simple menu, with only 5-6 varieties to choose from, focused only on their best. This place is hardly quiet during makan time. Worth a visit when you are at Subang ~ :)

Chili Pan Mee (辣椒板麵) – comes with my favourite poached egg. I love to eat the egg on its whole rather than blend it with the noodles. The chili paste is provided on each table for you to add as much as you desire according to your own spiciness level. Warn you; don’t be greedy ~ The chili paste is very bombastic! I could do with just a small teaspoon of chili paste.

Pan Mee in Clear Soup/ Mee Hoon Kueh (麵粉粿) – a big bowl of hand-torn noodles in soup. The noodles can never seem to finish because they keep rising after they absorbed the soup. So you have to be fast! I’m a total loser toward piping hot foods, so I always prefer to go for dry noodles than soupy ones.

Fried Beancurd in Thai Sauce – I’m head over heels in love with this simple dish! Golden brown fried beancurd covered with a very generous amount of shredded cucumber, peanut chunks and sesame, doused in tantalizing thai sauce – so addictive!

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