Saturday, October 30, 2010

HK - 五代同糖 & Hokkaido Green Tea Ice Cream ♥

五代同糖 - Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Egg Pudding – I saw it first at my friend’s Taiwan holiday trip album and I thought it is a Taiwan’s specialties. I have to love its presentation – egg pudding in the egg shell itself! Very lovely indeed. The pudding is equally as nice as it looks. Can be finished within seconds ~

Warm Chocolate Cake (心太軟) – an ultimate comforting food. Soft and warm - with hot chocolate lava flowing out from the inside ~ Spells L.O.V.E.

Original Soufflé – scoop down for a spoonful of melt-in-the-mouth cake. It has an enticing bubble-like texture.

Pineapple Snowflake Ice

City Super – Times Square, Causeway Bay

Hokkaido Green Tea & Milk Ice Cream – not any other green tea ice cream, it is made with Hokkaido Milk which is one of the hottest things in town. Even Hui Lau Shan (许留山) has a new array of desserts with Hokkaido Milk as its main attraction. The smoothest ice-cream I’ve ever tasted so far! What can I say, I’m in love! ♥

Thursday, October 28, 2010

HK – Lin Heung Kui & Chee Kee

Lin Heung Kui (连香居) - Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan

水滾茶靚. Becareful, hot boiling water!

During our first visit last year, it was bustling with people that we have to share one small table among 5 people! Not very comfortable to be honest but for good foods, it worth the tolerance. So, we were quite pleased when we saw lots of empty table and lesser crowd this time as we went during brunch time (off-peak hour). But the cons were; only very few dim sum carts strolling around and many of our preferred dim sums were not available.

燒賣 (Siu Mai). 蝦餃 (Shrimp Dumpling).

蘿蔔糕 (Pan-Fried Turnip Cake). 叉燒飽 (BBQ Pork Bun).

雀仔蛋燒賣 (Siu Mai with Quail Egg). 蒸魚球 (Steamed Fish Ball).

蒸魚雲(Steamed Fish Cheek). 魚翅餃 (Shark Fin’s Dumpling).

蒸豬肚 (Steamed Pork Belly). 红烧魚翅 (Braised Shark’s Fin).

Chee Kee (池記) - Percival Street, Causeway Bay

雲吞麵 (Wan Tan Noodle) – Springy noodle and plump wan tan. They added some shrimp roe in the soup, something different from others.

蝦籽撈麵 (Shrimp Roe Noodle) – Toss the shrimp roe together with the springy noodles and voila! A simple and savoury combination, just the way I like it.

蟹粥 (Crab Congee) – the congee is thick and grainy and the crab has a surprising amount of crab roe.

皮蛋 (Preserved Egg)

魚皮(Cold Fish Skin) – similar to the one we tasted at Nice Congee Shop – but better. Less artificial and very appetizing with the additional of fried peanuts.

白灼芥蘭 (Blanched Kai Lan) – For a dose of green vegetables, it is a wise choice to order Kai Lan when you are at Hong Kong. The freshest version you can ever get

熱豆漿 & 薏米水 (Soya Bean and Barley Drink) – the barley has a light zesty taste of ginger. Not bad for a bloated tummy.

Next: Dessert & Snack ~

Monday, October 25, 2010

HK – Lan Fong Yuen, Nice Congee Shop & Maxim’s

Lan Fong Yuen(兰芳园) - Chung King Mansions (重慶大廈), Kowloon

Been there twice during last trip and blogged about it already. Definitely a place worth revisiting, hence the third visit together with Chris’s parent!

金牌猪排包 (Signature Pork Chop Bun) – something you can’t miss here! A thin slice of tender pork chop & tomato sandwiched between 2 slices of lightly toasted burger bun - simple and unpretentious. Nom ~

Egg, sausage, ham & toast – wouldn’t it be nice if I could wake up to a hearty breakfast like this every morning?

絲襪奶茶 (Milk Tea) – actual translation should be Pantyhose Milk Tea but it doesn’t sound nice so I cut off the “pantyhose” :P Yum cha yum cha ….

Nice Congee Shop – Woo Sung Street, Jordan

A well-hidden shop! Kind of like an adventure to locate this humble congee shop. It is located at some old streets away from the glamorous city, surrounded by old buildings and apartments.

Old buildings. The sky was getting dark and raining.

Inside the shop. Small and cramped, just like what we seen in some TVB dramas. Ahh, I like that feel.

魚皮(Cold Fish Skin) – uber crispy! Too crispy that it appeared a tad artificial to me. Wonder what they used to soak the fish skin to make such a crispy texture. Despite the doubt, it was good.

魚腩粥 (Fish Belly Congee) – A bowl of thick and smooth congee with a generous amount of fish belly hidden underneath. They used 鯇魚 (Chinese Carp Fish) for all fish congee.

魚尾粥 (Fish Tail Congee)

鯪魚球 (Fried Canton Carp Ball) – big and chewy.

Maxim’s (Fast food restaurant) - Mongkok
You may see “Maxim’s” (美心) everywhere – in every corner of the street and in the subway, especially. But there are two types of Maxim’s (under the same roof) – bakery and fast food restaurant. They have more outlets for bakery shop compare to fast food restaurant. Having said that, it isn’t easy to locate them. While Café de Coral (大家樂) wins hands down in the quantity of outlet, the roasted pork at Maxim’s is undeniably better.

雙拼 (2 combo of your choice – Roasted Pork and Steamed Chicken) – the crispiness of the skin of roasted pork is simply addictive.

I'm salivating now looking back at those photos.... *tummy growling*

Next on the menu: Dim Sum & Wantan Mee ~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hong Kong - All about shopping

Warning: Long post ahead

Sunrise :)

Since our itinerary was so random, I’ll categorize into two posts – shopping and eating. I know it couldn’t help much in giving the best picture of Hong Kong but I would be more than happy to share what we have done at Hong Kong and Macau this time :)

As I mentioned earlier, the weather was so hot (and rainy at times) that the best thing to do was shopping in the mall to hide from the sun (and rain). Well, whether the weather’s good or bad, the best thing to do in Hong Kong is still – shopping!

Shopping marathon.

The best time to shop at Hong Kong is in July when there’ll be sales everywhere and lotsa summer clothing will be up for grab at a great deal. For other months of the year, there’ll still be a lot of good deals at some malls but you might see an array of autumn/winter clothing instead of summer ones. Our few favourite shopping spots:-

Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung

In Esprit outlet.

Quite far from the city but aasily accessible by MTR. With a lot of branded outlets like Coach, Burberry, Guess, Club 21 and more.

H & M

H&M at Central. In the midst of shopping. Dark blue winter jacket.

My favourite shop in Hong Kong ever! Similar to our MNG here, they have a whole array of clothing that’ll make any women’s eyes dazzle. Besides, they also have man & kid’s department. Can easily spend a good one hour here. When I went there (October), they were selling winter clothing already. I managed to grab a nice dark blue winter jacket and a sweater at a reasonable price. The largest H&M is located at Central.

IFC Mall, Central

IFC Tower. Browsing through racks of clothes.

Located at Central side by side with IFC Tower, it’s hard to be missed. The most sought-after shopping mall for Hong Kong’s celebrities as it is large and elegantly renovated. Also, pay a visit to their CitySuper supermarket. Lots of hidden gems in Hong Kong’s supermarket, something we wouldn’t get here in M’sia. Chris is absolutely a supermarket-junkie!

Argyle Centre, Mongkok

Not coming out from the store empty-handed.

Very alike to our Sg. Wang (KL) here but with 10 times the shop and 10 times the crowd! Most of the shops sell clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty items at a good price. A paradise for youngster! But do compare the quality as many items are made in China. There are some shops selling designer and unique items too where price will be slightly higher than normal item or even equivalent to branded


Roaming from street to street.

For gadgets lover, Mongkok will not disappoint you with dozens of shops to hop in and out for the latest gadgets in town. Hong Kong is the best place to shop for gadget stuffs as it is tax-free. You’ll find it cheaper than Malaysia.

1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui

Previously the headquarters of Hong Kong Marine Police, it has been refurbished and transformed into a shopping and tourist spot. The gigantic tree is one of the attractions. The shops inside might be too classy to even walk in but it is a nice place to take photos. In fact, when we went there on 10.10.10, there were countless pairs of bride and groom parading around and taking wedding shots. A beautiful sight ~

At 1881 Heritage.

Also popular among tourists:-

Ladies Street (女人街)

Ladies Street. Striding into the hot oven.

Basically not advisable to go during afternoon or worst still, summer, as it can be as hot as oven inside the market! But for a first timer, you might want to make a trip there as it is a landmark of Hong Kong and there are a lot of vendors selling souvenirs at a negotiable price.

Hoi Mei Street (海味街) (Actual name: Des Voeux Road West)

Salted fish, hangover. Stacks of dried abalone.

A least favourite for youngster (read: me :P). But since Chris’s parent tagged along this round, we just took a short stroll along the Hoi Mei Street. Dozens and dozens of shops selling dried seafood products – shark fin, fish maw, abalone, sea cucumber, salted fish.. you name it! But to get the best deal, you have to compare prices with a few shops before closing the deal, meaning that you have to walk and walk!

Eating post will be coming up next, hopefully soon. For old (and all) Hong Kong Post, click here :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Strained Neck

Oh gosh, the back of my neck has been aching for days….. I can’t sleep well at night as well due to the pain and stiffness. What comes next after that? Headache….! -_-

I think I strained my neck during the trip when I hanged the heavy camera on my neck most of the time. Though tired, my neck didn’t show any serious pain even after a few days of doing so. But after I was back at home, it finally raised its white flag to me. I think I have overworked my neck… but do I/we have any option anyway? We have to share the burden of carrying that bulky gear, otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair or it’s just too unkind to put it all on Chris alone. I mean… I used to do that but since I knew how tough the job was (and what caused Chris to become temperamental at times), I’m now a more helpful person.

Giant baby on my neck -_-

As we both love photography, neither of us is willing to give up that fat-and-heavy baby :/ So I’d say, live with it!

HK post coming up… I’m working on it *work hard*

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I’m still in a very blur mode as I had a mild fever the next day I was back from Macau, due to overexposed to the sun, I guess. Though it is autumn in Hong Kong & Macau now, but the weather is akin to the weather in summer (read: uber hot!) with some random rain.

Blazing hot sun! Can you feel the heat?

To be frank, I’m not too inspired to blog about our Hong Kong & Macau trip this time round, especially Hong Kong one because we just went to a few same old shopping spots and a few newly found eateries. Basically it was a trip to treat Chris’s parent a holiday and to visit their grandniece in Macau.

Night life in Hong Kong.

Still thinking how to organize and summarize the entire 6 days and 5 nights trip into blog posts, with so much random photos to filter and select -_- ………..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday Night Treat: Rakuzen @ Empire Gallery, Subang

Chris has been busy for months….. *sigh* So we would just stay at home all day long during weekend. Chris working, me…. cooking! I’m in charge of preparing lunch and dinner for us. The chaos of ingredients preparation, cooking and washing…. drove me nuts at times -_-

Thus for a little reward for ourselves, we would throw in a nice eat-out meal once in a while, to cheer up that dull spirit.

If you have been to Rakuzen at SS15, Subang, you would probably know how packed was the restaurant. Good news, because they opened another branch in Empire Gallery, just minutes away from SS15. Surprisingly, the restaurant was quite empty that evening. Good, because we can pick a decent table with a view (of roads and cars -.-).

Gindara Set – Our all time favourite bento set. The grilled cod fish in teriyaki sauce is especially nice to go with steamed rice.

Saba Shioyaki Set - Salt grilled mackerel fish is another all time favourite of mine. An uncomplicated and healthy meal.

A slice of see-through Daikon

Apart from the bento sets, Chris ordered a treat for us to savour - Uni (Sea Urchin). Priced at RM45 for a small portion, I would say that it’s not too affordable for a casual dinner but would be fine for an occasional treat.

Uni (Sea Urchin) – sweetness of fresh seafood that’ll melt in your mouth

Empire Gallery is our favourite food spot recently. Besides having an ample parking space, I love their bright and calm atmosphere with a minimum level of crowd. Perfect for a Friday night dinner to celebrate the beginning of the weekend (pity Chris still has to work over the weekend though)~
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