Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival!

How many Mooncake have you had?

Bamboo Charcoal Hazelnut from Casahana - high in sugar!

I just had….. two, three? =.= I have been eating lesser and lesser mooncake every year. One of the reasons is because I’m working in a (very) small company now. Got no big suppliers to send us boxes of mooncake to feast on. But I’m not craving to eat a lot anyway because to eat the whole lot without many people sharing it with me, I’ll hate myself when I’m on the weigh machine later! And it’s not as fun to eat alone…. :(

Last few years back, I have been celebrating Mooncake Festival at Chris’s home. We would play tanglung …. Ok maybe “play fire” should be more appropriate. We would light up candles on the bench at the small field in front of the house, play masak masak with empty tin, cook leaves and grasses while waiting the tanglung to caught on fire itself.. :D The same old activity every year but yet so fun!

However, this year wouldn’t be the same because one of them is preparing for the coming SPM exam, same goes to my cousin sis. Apart from that, Chris is still as busy as ever. Though Chris wouldn’t mind to fetch me back and forth, but I know I’ll feel a little guilty after that. I don’t know why but there is a sudden emptiness in me. It’s a festival day, it should be a merry day!

Ha-ha, I still have my family ~ I must say that we don’t celebrate very single Chinese festival in our home, especially since mom not around. We would just celebrate on our own (separately) or not celebrating at all. I tried my luck yesterday night by asking them if they would like to go out for a dinner tonight since it’s the Mooncake Festival. As expected, they couldn’t agree more with my idea. Maybe all it takes is just to have one person to make it happen :)

Whether you are celebrating alone, with friends or with family, I hope we all will have a joyous day! Happy MOOncake Festival! 中秋节快乐! :)


  1. Same to you! :D So did you cook one pot meal for dinner or something else?

  2. Aww... next year la =D we burn tang lung again


  3. Hey Julian, u finally showing some footage in my blog! Ya, next year lo..... :( U seem like more emo than me ho ~

  4. Happy belated moon festival~~~

  5. Laura! Happy "Belated" Mid-autumn Festival to u too! ^^ did you all celebrate at Melb?

  6. i dont bcoz we went to Royal melbourne Show.


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