Saturday, September 25, 2010

Draw & Guess

My plan to have a piggy nap in the evening yesterday was called off, because I was too engrossed with the “draw & guess” game invented by Belinda & Susan in MSN :D I thought they invited me in to the chatbox to have, well, a chat. But just after a few chat lines..

Bel said “Ok, let’s start the game”.

I thought “Game?? What game? I’m not good in playing games. And I want to sleep =.=”

Explanatory: One of us will draw a picture and give hints for the others to guess what it is.

Game started.

It’s not easy to draw with a mouse but I attempted to draw a few anyway, just for the fun of it :) Though seems like a silly game but surprisingly, it was very fun and thrilling! Bel was very creative and good in playing with colours in her drawings while Susan’s drawing was the most challenging one (yes, that’s a compliment if you think positively! :P)

Drawings collection ~ There are some colour changes after I converted the file format.

A supposedly quiet and lazy evening turned out to be quiet a fun and memorable one :) Thanks for inviting me to the game girls :D


  1. I had fun too. Before, I have doubts whether to invite you or not since you are sick, cos afraid we willl give u more headache than fun. ;D heheh, thanks for layan'ing us.

  2. Looks like you had fun, and maybe that is exactly what we need when we are feeling under the weather, it's to take our mind off of it!

  3. Bel: Only Susan's drawings gave me a headache! Haha!

    Sunshine: Very true! Something as simple as that made my day ~ :)

  4. that the purpose of the game wert..... hehe.....

  5. Susan: So you mean you "purposely" make it so challenging? Haha!

  6. no challenging no fun wert.....


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