Monday, September 13, 2010

Chris's Birthday @ Ribs by Vintry

Celebrating each other birthday with this bunch of friends has been a tradition for us since years ago (since ex-com, Taiko). But well well, the group has significantly become smaller and smaller and smaller throughout the years… from a bunch to a few cats, miao ~ -__-

Nevertheless, we have to accept the fact that we are all busy with our own life. And well, sadly, if one doesn’t care to make effort to join the gathering, what’s the point to force right? So regardless of how many members left in the group, we can still cherish every gathering moment :) But I secretly hoped that we could have new members joining in - someone who can click with us, someone who can bring new light to the group, someone who care to join gatherings……… aih, sounds Mission Impossible =.=

Carol, Me & Chris. I couldn't find our photo with Johnny :/ Maybe I accidentally deleted it while I was filtering photos. I'm sorry!

So….. we opted for Ribs by Vintry at Damansara Heights this time - a very porkie place to please Chris, the Birthday Baby. LOL! :D We were seated at Vintry’s (under the same roof with Ribs by Vintry, but more to a wine drinking place) a few doors away because the tables at Ribs are fully occupied. We were considered smart to have booked a table 2 days ago, otherwise there wasn’t any table left for walk-in diners even at Vintry’s.

Rants: Not quite happy with the food photos. Million thanks to whosoever cocky aunty who complained our external flash was too bright it affected her mood & appetite because she doesn’t want to be reminded of herself being chased by paparazzi somewhere at Jalan Pasar Besar decades ago which is still hunting her so much until today! Pufff! Obviously I made up half of the statement but still, the first half part is true! The lighting there was so dim I couldn’t take any food photo with a clear image. Armed with the degil-ness in me and the risk of getting complains again, I used the built-in flash and took a few snap as quick as I could afford to.

Warning: Porkieness Overloaded!

Sauteed Mushrooms – The only & only non-meaty dish that we ordered. I like the spongy bite and the fungi taste of fresh mushroom.

Chef Pasta – Even the spaghetti dish was very oink-ty with pork bacon, sausage and a generous amount of pork croutons. –OO-

Three Musketeers – 3 types of porkie sausages. They all tasted the same to me because I was too hungry and busy taking photos, I simply poke on whichever within my reach.

Barbarian Ribs– can easily guess its size from its name, BARBARIAN! Sounds wild and dangerous to me o.O We were misguided by the waiter before we made our order though, he said he could finish this alone! So we ordered this thinking that the portion will not be too large for us. Obviously we regretted short after as the meat was more to the dry side with a heavy “pork smell” :/

BBQ Pork Ribs – one of their prides. I ate about 2 of this. Mind you, I’m not a pork-eater but the dishes that night was all full of pork, I got not much options =.= I rather go for this than the Barbarian Ribs as this tasted much better. The meat was juicier and easy to bite off.

Ok, I have had enough of Pork for now! Bye!


  1. I am still thinking where i should go for a nice birthday meal with yau. any recommendation?
    somewhr with nice ambience and not too far away?

  2. Is Solaris Dutamas ok for you? If yes, I’ve been to Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio (French dining) recently which has left me a really good impression :) Nice food, simple & bright environment ~ But they open until 6pm only and last call for lunch meal is 2:30pm. For nearer option…. I can only think of… Rakuzen & Italiannies at Empire Gallery :P


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