Monday, September 20, 2010

Chris's Birthday @ The Library, Mutiara Damansara

One is never too old to go to Library. Pun intended! :D

We went for a drink at The Library at Cineleisure, Damansara after that gluttony meal at Ribs by Vintry.

Apparently, it is a hip place to hangout or is it not hip anymore? It was rather quiet looking at the fact that it was a public holiday eve. Or maybe it is my fault to had never visited during its hip era. You know, those drinking and hangout kakis can get bored with a place very fast, before you can say “I’m here!”.

It is a library! Look at the Encyclopedia (the drink menu) and students with glasses walking around (waiters).

We ordered a Beer Platter – with 7 glasses of different beer to taste. Interesting, though I never love beer, because I can explore many types of beer I have never tasted before once and for all! Some tasted ok, some tasted weird, some sour, some stinky… *crumpled face* Ahh, Hoegaarden is still the best - smooth and less bitter. But I do miss Strongbow Apple Cider I drank in Melbourne, so sweet, almost like a cocktail-in-a-beer-bottle :)


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