Friday, October 01, 2010

Amazing Nine!

1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. 9 amazing years together.. and still counting… :)

9 years ago, today, was the day I held your hand (:p). And we have been walking through this journey hand in hand since. We had many examinations to face right from the start but with our determination, we went through every hardship that occurred together. We had a rocky beginning and a little wobbly here and there every so often, but as years go by, our relationship has grown stronger. WE have grown stronger. It worth every tear we shed and every sacrifice we made. We, nevertheless, are still learning and shall never forget the meaning of tolerance, compromise, respect, trust and all in between.

I’m so lucky to have found you.

Someone who loves me,
Someone who cares about my everything,
Someone who I can rely on,
Someone who will be there for me,
Someone who willing to build a future with me.

To you. To me. To US. Cheers !

P/S: I made a video but I can't upload to my blog because it was blocked due to the video contains song by Sony Music. SIGH! Wasted my 10 hours effort and spoiled my surprise plan T.T ......... But well....Chris will still see it anyway... =) If you wanna see, I can e-mail to you :)

Here's the video WITHOUT the music ("I'm your angel" by Celine Dion & R.Kelly). There are photos of Chris & me from 9 years back until now :)


  1. I'm so lucky to have you too..
    someone who share with me
    someone who understand me
    someone who love me unconditionally
    someone who willing to spare her future with me
    To you. To me. To US. Cheers :D

  2. Happy anniversary!!! wish you stay strong and love forever xoxxo

  3. awww. too bad no music.
    hey, and u lose a lot of weight yar?

  4. Yaaaaa... too bad, really! :(
    I lost around 10kg in total back then, but now gained back about 3kg... =.=


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