Thursday, September 16, 2010


I’ve been living in this homeland for 27 years. Since small, I was told that I’m lucky to be born here because we are free from natural disaster, that we are living in a peaceful multi-ethnic country, that we are an unique country with a culture of our own…. which is still very true up till now but as I grow up older and older, that pure little mind has been deterred gradually…

If I were given an option, I would rather not to listen and not to know any negative issue about this country – the place where I’m living, the place where I’m born. I would rather be a happy-and-know-nothing little girl, like how I used to be, great! Maybe I got no courage to accept the flaws of my country or perhaps I don’t think I could offer any brilliant help and advice to the big nation. But it’s inescapable.. It’s like a… love-hate relationship ~ Nevertheless, I’m wishing hard that this relationship will turn into a pure LOVE relationship one day. We have to stay positive! Because…………

It’s the 1st 1Malaysia (OneMalaysia, Satu Malaysia, 一个马来西亚) day today! A memorable day for all Malaysian ~ A day to throw all those racism issues, negative thoughts..... to the backyard and say proudly Saya Anak Malaysia! (trying to squeeze out the bits of the patriotism spirit left in me :p)

Happy 1Malaysia! :)

A quote given by Sunshine:

"Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own." ~Seneca


  1. "Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own." ~Seneca

    Happy 1Malaysia to you!

  2. This quote is more than appropriate to describe my point, it's perfect indeed! Thanks! :)
    You don't mind if I add this quote to my post? :)

  3. Helo zOee, of course you can use the quote anytime!

  4. huh,..since when got 1Malaysia day??? another public holiday in calender??

  5. Sunshine: Thanks :)
    Laura: This is the 1st year! Yea, it's another public holiday for all Malaysian :D

  6. Bel: Happy 1Malaysia now is ur Happy Birthday, so lucky!


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