Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sweet Compliment ~

Received a sweet little note from Sunshine yesterday!

“I just recently found Joey's Cafe and I have to say I am very happy to have found her, she lives very far from me in Malaysia, and I am sure to find more to discover about her and her culture... can't wait!”

The sweetest compliment I got for my humble little blog indeed ~ I rarely receive comment in my blog, let alone compliment! This is definitely something that keeps me going. Sunshine, you made my day! Thanks again! And I’m looking forward to read more about you too :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mooncake Festival Dinner @ Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant (椰花园), Teluk Gong

After I’m back at home in the evening, without waiting another minute, I immediately announce that I’m all ready to out for dinner now, NOW! I’m hungry and can’t wait :D when suddenly my brother came up with this idea of dining at a rather faraway place – Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant at Teluk Gong (Port Klang) or as we usually call it in Chinese 椰花园. Guess it doesn’t need any further introduction as it is a well-known dining place for all seafood lovers since ages ago. I never been there for quite a long time and since I’m not the one who will be driving, I’m totally up for that idea :D

A rare eat-together family dinner.

We reached before dawn when the whole place was still very empty with only a few table occupied by early diners like us. We get to choose the table with an individual roof a la kampung style. Here’s what we ordered:

Salted Egg-Yolk Prawn, Gong Bou Mantis Prawn, Oyster Omelette (蚵煎) - finger-lickin’ good ~

Seafood Claypot – with lots of large fish maw.. mmM ~

Stir-fried Lettuce with Fermented Beancurd Sauce – fermented beancurd sauce gave this plain vegetable a kick of odd-but-aromatic taste.

Fermented Coconut Liquor (椰花酒) – Sounds familiar yet? This restaurant is named after this local and hot-selling alcoholic beverage.

If you are up to something special and local, give Fermented Coconut Liquor a try! Thumb rule given by my brother – drink before you smell! It has a sour and light alcohol taste. Somehow, the coconut taste remained but just lighter. Drink it on its own or add Guinness Stout for an extra alcohol kick! To me, both versions are acceptable, though I just had a few sips of both.

Fermented Coconut Liquor + Guinness Stout

Our bill came up to a total of RM117.00 (+/-) which was quite reasonable for a seafood dinner with 5 dishes for 4 pax. It was a pleasant dinner with family, if only Keeve could throw lesser tantrums =.=

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Draw & Guess

My plan to have a piggy nap in the evening yesterday was called off, because I was too engrossed with the “draw & guess” game invented by Belinda & Susan in MSN :D I thought they invited me in to the chatbox to have, well, a chat. But just after a few chat lines..

Bel said “Ok, let’s start the game”.

I thought “Game?? What game? I’m not good in playing games. And I want to sleep =.=”

Explanatory: One of us will draw a picture and give hints for the others to guess what it is.

Game started.

It’s not easy to draw with a mouse but I attempted to draw a few anyway, just for the fun of it :) Though seems like a silly game but surprisingly, it was very fun and thrilling! Bel was very creative and good in playing with colours in her drawings while Susan’s drawing was the most challenging one (yes, that’s a compliment if you think positively! :P)

Drawings collection ~ There are some colour changes after I converted the file format.

A supposedly quiet and lazy evening turned out to be quiet a fun and memorable one :) Thanks for inviting me to the game girls :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

At home

Sick. At home.

Since evening yesterday, I can feel a mild wave of heat was lurching in my head. But I still made it to the gym and even managed to finish the entire 1 hour Funkyline class, jumping and turning – with Jell-O-like legs -.-

I STILL managed to get all housechores done (wash toilet, wash undies, toss dirty clothes into washing machine) and bathe before driving out to the nearest clinic. Heck, little did I know that I had to spend a good 1 hour in the clinic, waiting for my turn to see the doctor with 5 patients ahead of me. By the time I was back at home, the clock ticked 11:30pm. Uh-uh, one more thing to do before I can sit down to take my medicine - have to take out the clothes from washing machine and hang it. f.m.l ~

Sweets for the sick.

Nahhh, actually by the time I’m writing this I felt a lot better already :) Had more than 9 hours of sleep – 2 hours more than normal days. I know I’m not treating myself very well in the term of giving my body sufficient resting time. Think that’s probably the main reason why I always fall sick so easily, especially having throat inflammation, like now…. But this time round, it’s just a mild one *blessed*

Gardenia’s Butterscotch Bread.

Gardenia’s Butterscotch Bread is my companion today. Like its slogan it tasted “really really good”. Very soft and buttery. No wonder Keeve, my (almost) 2 years old nephew likes it so much.

Might take a short afternoon nap in a while. Like all of the working people out there, having the chance to have a short snooze during the day is like a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity than can never be missed!

Happy Friday & Weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival!

How many Mooncake have you had?

Bamboo Charcoal Hazelnut from Casahana - high in sugar!

I just had….. two, three? =.= I have been eating lesser and lesser mooncake every year. One of the reasons is because I’m working in a (very) small company now. Got no big suppliers to send us boxes of mooncake to feast on. But I’m not craving to eat a lot anyway because to eat the whole lot without many people sharing it with me, I’ll hate myself when I’m on the weigh machine later! And it’s not as fun to eat alone…. :(

Last few years back, I have been celebrating Mooncake Festival at Chris’s home. We would play tanglung …. Ok maybe “play fire” should be more appropriate. We would light up candles on the bench at the small field in front of the house, play masak masak with empty tin, cook leaves and grasses while waiting the tanglung to caught on fire itself.. :D The same old activity every year but yet so fun!

However, this year wouldn’t be the same because one of them is preparing for the coming SPM exam, same goes to my cousin sis. Apart from that, Chris is still as busy as ever. Though Chris wouldn’t mind to fetch me back and forth, but I know I’ll feel a little guilty after that. I don’t know why but there is a sudden emptiness in me. It’s a festival day, it should be a merry day!

Ha-ha, I still have my family ~ I must say that we don’t celebrate very single Chinese festival in our home, especially since mom not around. We would just celebrate on our own (separately) or not celebrating at all. I tried my luck yesterday night by asking them if they would like to go out for a dinner tonight since it’s the Mooncake Festival. As expected, they couldn’t agree more with my idea. Maybe all it takes is just to have one person to make it happen :)

Whether you are celebrating alone, with friends or with family, I hope we all will have a joyous day! Happy MOOncake Festival! 中秋节快乐! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chris's Birthday @ The Library, Mutiara Damansara

One is never too old to go to Library. Pun intended! :D

We went for a drink at The Library at Cineleisure, Damansara after that gluttony meal at Ribs by Vintry.

Apparently, it is a hip place to hangout or is it not hip anymore? It was rather quiet looking at the fact that it was a public holiday eve. Or maybe it is my fault to had never visited during its hip era. You know, those drinking and hangout kakis can get bored with a place very fast, before you can say “I’m here!”.

It is a library! Look at the Encyclopedia (the drink menu) and students with glasses walking around (waiters).

We ordered a Beer Platter – with 7 glasses of different beer to taste. Interesting, though I never love beer, because I can explore many types of beer I have never tasted before once and for all! Some tasted ok, some tasted weird, some sour, some stinky… *crumpled face* Ahh, Hoegaarden is still the best - smooth and less bitter. But I do miss Strongbow Apple Cider I drank in Melbourne, so sweet, almost like a cocktail-in-a-beer-bottle :)


Thursday, September 16, 2010


I’ve been living in this homeland for 27 years. Since small, I was told that I’m lucky to be born here because we are free from natural disaster, that we are living in a peaceful multi-ethnic country, that we are an unique country with a culture of our own…. which is still very true up till now but as I grow up older and older, that pure little mind has been deterred gradually…

If I were given an option, I would rather not to listen and not to know any negative issue about this country – the place where I’m living, the place where I’m born. I would rather be a happy-and-know-nothing little girl, like how I used to be, great! Maybe I got no courage to accept the flaws of my country or perhaps I don’t think I could offer any brilliant help and advice to the big nation. But it’s inescapable.. It’s like a… love-hate relationship ~ Nevertheless, I’m wishing hard that this relationship will turn into a pure LOVE relationship one day. We have to stay positive! Because…………

It’s the 1st 1Malaysia (OneMalaysia, Satu Malaysia, 一个马来西亚) day today! A memorable day for all Malaysian ~ A day to throw all those racism issues, negative thoughts..... to the backyard and say proudly Saya Anak Malaysia! (trying to squeeze out the bits of the patriotism spirit left in me :p)

Happy 1Malaysia! :)

A quote given by Sunshine:

"Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own." ~Seneca

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PMS Wish List

It’s that time of the month, again ~ Feeling pain, tired, sluggish, ugly………
I simply think that women are supposed to get a ½ day off during the 1st day of period. With such a mood swings and low energy level, the productivity and efficiency won’t be high anyway. Not to mention for those victims like me who suffer from menstrual cramp on the 1st BIG day!

I always prefer “it” arrives over the weekend when I can hug tightly to my warm bolster and lie on the bed as long as I wish, rather than got stuck in this 6’ x 8’ cubicle bearing with the pain, like now… Let’s have a quick check on my PMS wish list:-

Pillow – at home

Bolster – at home, damn it!

A good sleep – don’t ever wish, not in the office!

Comfy Panty – am wearing one

Sweet stuffs – mmm, possible ~

Hot Chocolate – Absolutely possible, yay!

Fret not! Hot chocolate is coming to the rescue! Though Starbucks is far away but I have Secret Recipe nearby! Hoho, Chris reminded me that. Oh silly, why I never thought of Secret Recipe?

Together with the Hot Chocolate, I have packed a Walnut Brownie to double up the sugar dosage. All sweet & warm ~ A bite of melting-in-my-mouth brownie does the rescue job nicely! Throw me a bolster now and I'll say Happy PMS Day! The 1st BIG day has never been so good ~ ^^

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chris's Birthday @ Ribs by Vintry

Celebrating each other birthday with this bunch of friends has been a tradition for us since years ago (since ex-com, Taiko). But well well, the group has significantly become smaller and smaller and smaller throughout the years… from a bunch to a few cats, miao ~ -__-

Nevertheless, we have to accept the fact that we are all busy with our own life. And well, sadly, if one doesn’t care to make effort to join the gathering, what’s the point to force right? So regardless of how many members left in the group, we can still cherish every gathering moment :) But I secretly hoped that we could have new members joining in - someone who can click with us, someone who can bring new light to the group, someone who care to join gatherings……… aih, sounds Mission Impossible =.=

Carol, Me & Chris. I couldn't find our photo with Johnny :/ Maybe I accidentally deleted it while I was filtering photos. I'm sorry!

So….. we opted for Ribs by Vintry at Damansara Heights this time - a very porkie place to please Chris, the Birthday Baby. LOL! :D We were seated at Vintry’s (under the same roof with Ribs by Vintry, but more to a wine drinking place) a few doors away because the tables at Ribs are fully occupied. We were considered smart to have booked a table 2 days ago, otherwise there wasn’t any table left for walk-in diners even at Vintry’s.

Rants: Not quite happy with the food photos. Million thanks to whosoever cocky aunty who complained our external flash was too bright it affected her mood & appetite because she doesn’t want to be reminded of herself being chased by paparazzi somewhere at Jalan Pasar Besar decades ago which is still hunting her so much until today! Pufff! Obviously I made up half of the statement but still, the first half part is true! The lighting there was so dim I couldn’t take any food photo with a clear image. Armed with the degil-ness in me and the risk of getting complains again, I used the built-in flash and took a few snap as quick as I could afford to.

Warning: Porkieness Overloaded!

Sauteed Mushrooms – The only & only non-meaty dish that we ordered. I like the spongy bite and the fungi taste of fresh mushroom.

Chef Pasta – Even the spaghetti dish was very oink-ty with pork bacon, sausage and a generous amount of pork croutons. –OO-

Three Musketeers – 3 types of porkie sausages. They all tasted the same to me because I was too hungry and busy taking photos, I simply poke on whichever within my reach.

Barbarian Ribs– can easily guess its size from its name, BARBARIAN! Sounds wild and dangerous to me o.O We were misguided by the waiter before we made our order though, he said he could finish this alone! So we ordered this thinking that the portion will not be too large for us. Obviously we regretted short after as the meat was more to the dry side with a heavy “pork smell” :/

BBQ Pork Ribs – one of their prides. I ate about 2 of this. Mind you, I’m not a pork-eater but the dishes that night was all full of pork, I got not much options =.= I rather go for this than the Barbarian Ribs as this tasted much better. The meat was juicier and easy to bite off.

Ok, I have had enough of Pork for now! Bye!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! It’s yet another long weekend at home; even longer if not one of the Hari Raya holidays happen to falled on a Saturday! Rugi one day *sigh* So what have you did so far during the Raya holidays?? Went to a vacation? Balik kampung? Shopping? Hmm, I basically spent the entire day watching TV and cooking! :( How interesting….

Cheer up cheer up, Joey! It’s holiday! As a part of Malaysian, I shall cherish my Raya moment to the bits! I didn’t get any invitation to Rumah Terbuka as I don’t have much Malay friends or neighbours. So to light up the Raya feels, let me present you with one my favourite Malay cuisines – Nasi Goreng Kampung the Joey’s version. Easy to cook and very flavourful!

- Cooked rice ( u may use overnight cooked rice as well)
- Anchovies
- Cili Padi
- Coriander leaves / Spring Onion

- Salt

*amount of ingredients – kindly estimate yourself :P If you want it spicier, add more Cili Padi and vice versa.

1. Rinse anchovies thoroughly and drain well. Heat oil in wok and fry anchovies until crispy. Set aside for later use.

2. Cut cili padi vertically into half or to save time, pound it with something heavy to make its skin split.

3. Heat some oil in wok, pour in cili padi and let it sauté for a while. Pour in rice and stir with the cili padi. Pour in fried anchovies and coriander leaves. Keep stirring until everything mixes well together.

4. Serve with cucumber ~

Voila! Have a great day ahead! :)

P/s: Forgive me, that’s almost the only Malay dish I’ve cooked and know how to cook :/ Shall start looking for easy-to-follow Curry Chicken recipe ~

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Chris’s Birthday @ Damansara Palace Restaurant

Celebrated Chris’s Birthday with Chris’s Family and 4th aunt at Damansara Palace Restaurant, Mutiara Damansara. We were late by half an hour! *panting* Surprised to see Julian & Yan (Chris’s cousin) were there too. Better still, less boring :P Mainly chatted about gadget stuffs with them the entire dinner ~ Youngster’s topic nowadays is non-other than I-phone, Blackberry, DSLR, Facebook…… eh wait, that means I’m a youngster too, eh? ^^”

A dinner set meal for 10 pax.

Crispy Skin Chicken with Prawn Crackers – meets the quality as the name given. Chris crazed over it!

The foods were ok but I would say I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe there are simply too many better/similar Chinese restaurants out there and don’t get me wrong yet, I’m not a fussy eater at all ~ :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Weekend Indulgence – Starbucks Coffee

Been drinking coffee for on Friday night, Saturday & Sunday - 3 days straight!

Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino – new drinks at Starbucks! In between Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino & Coffee Jelly Frappuccino, I went for the Caramel one because it was night time already, don’t want to consume too much caffeine. All my favourite combined together - Caramel + Whipped Cream + Coffee jelly = Divine! Sluurrppy! -3- very milky, very smooth and very… sweet! A girly drink!

Cappuccino – Chris likes it without any sugar and I kinda agree with it. We both enjoy the smooth bitter taste without the additional of sweetness.
Green Tea Latte – A tad too sweet. I would prefer it with more Green Tea bitterness.

I’m not a coffee junkie normally as I’m afraid of getting addicted to the caffeine and stain on my teeth. At times, it would cause me hard to fall asleep, too. So I would stay away from any drinks that contain caffeine on weekdays.

Friday, September 03, 2010


As I said in my previous post, I have heaps of chores queuing up for me every weekday’s night. However, the most time consuming ever is, blogging ~

Back then, I just need to edit photos, think of a short caption/description and upload to FB straight away. That in fact, has already given me a fair amount of workload at night but compare to blogging, that was way easier. To blog, besides choosing the right photos, I have to think of the best way to write out the experiences I had or what’s in my mind. Alas, the lack of my understandings in English and Grammar doesn’t make things easier.

You would probably say “Just stop blogging then. Why torture yourself?” Yea, you might be right but the feeling of contentment looking back at all the previous posts is so great, it keeps motivating me. I would say it’s like walking down to the memory lane of myself :) I wish I had blogged more back then. Oh, a few fellow friends of mine are a blogger too. They are my motivating pills! As what Bel said, we have to motivate each other and keep each other updated as always! I’m not a lonely blogger after all ~ :>

Goodnight, Uncle Sun ~
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