Thursday, August 26, 2010

TV, Online or Blog?

Watching TV after dinner is a daily routine for most people, if not all. But I bet there’s someone who categorizes TV Watching as a “Luxury” activity for a pastime, particularly during weekdays. I’m one of them. I can easily fill in all the leisure time after work by going to gym, cooking a simple meal, doing house chores, D.I.Y facial at home, blogging……all which is a compulsory daily/weekly routine, hmm! Watching TV is only an option when there are some specific reasons and they have to be approved by, well, myself. Did I make watching TV sounds like a crime? :/

Like yesterday night, I was in the same dilemma scenario as every night:

I have done the laundry and facial, so now, should I watch TV, online or blog? TV, online, blog? TV, online, blog?... The same question keeps repeating in my mind =.= Quick, think of an excuse… ! So… I’m feeling rather sluggish now due to the lack of sleep last night, I have a mild headache and that ulcer in my mouth doesn’t make me feeling any better. OK, approved! I declare that I deserve a good TV therapy tonight! *switch on the TV* :D

Oh by the way, this is what I’ve been watching lately. Off Pedder (畢打自己人) is one of TVB’s long marathon sitcom with hundreds of episode, 20-30 mins each. I’m quite a fans of sitcom like this, because it has many scenes and scenarios which are very closely linked to our daily life. Besides giving you a good entertainment, there are some positive messages in every episode too :)

Ciao ~ counting down to the long weekend ahead (and Chris's Birthday) !! ^o^ ~


  1. in my case, TV is off my "dictionary" bcoz i spend more time at outdoor and coming home still need to do housework and once done everything my free time will be fill with online, blog and reading before bed.

    I do watch drama movies but like once in "million" years lolol.

  2. =.= i dont get to sit down and watch tv *sob
    maybe if have chance, after give birth i will have chance to sit all day and watch hk sitcom. i love to watch it too cos is really closely related to our daily living & most of it are applicable.

    Anyway, i am working today as usual but is quiet over here. You good la, can blog during and enjoy during public holiday. cheh! jealous betul!

  3. Laura: o.O you are even worst than me! but it's ok if you are not a TV addict, you wont feel something's missing out without watching TV :)

    Bel: LOL! Then have to pray even harder for the little "invention" of you & ur hubby :D
    Oh my ~ you have to work on a holiday again?


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