Friday, August 20, 2010

TMO Joey’s Café New Banner!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have created a new banner for Joey’s Café! :) Wanted to change the banner for sooo long but got no ideas and time for it. Last Saturday, the urge inside has finally won over me and the next thing I know, I was clicking away in my PS, trying to implement the gross idea I had drafted in my mind. I want something that can go with my blog name, Joey’s café.. a café-related theme, perhaps? So I was thinking of something woody for the background, a café logo and some suitable photos to put in. After lots of material searching, editing and layering this is the first outcome:

Just as what I want, simple & clean – with just 2 photos and a logo. (Whisper: I’m quite happy with the logo, hehe ^^v)

It occurred to me that it’s…erm… way too empty. Hence, I picked and added in a combination of mini photos on the side and it came out to this:

Hmm, not bad eh? :P There’s more life to this banner already.

And so I uploaded it to my blog and…… wait…. it can be better! I adjusted everything more to the top & right side, leaving about 1cm gap on the bottom & left side and filled it with white colour. Then rearranged that group of mini photos and voila! The final piece:

The mini photos seem to blend well with my blog’s background as though they are sticked on it, without a border. This is after the 5th amendment. So satisfied just by looking at it… hmm :D oh please, just let me shiok for a while.. I’ve spent ½ day on it, gosh!

Hope this banner can last me for at least half a year before I get bored again :D


  1. yeah.. looking nice and has more meaning towards the blog! =)

  2. Oh, thanks! Worth all the effort ^^

  3. Good post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement.
    Thank you seeking your information.

  4. Anonymous: Happy to hear that this lame post has its useful point :)


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