Thursday, August 05, 2010

Teo Chew Meng Restaurant @ SS14, Subang Jaya.

Craving for some Teo Chew treat? Apart from the usual Teo Chew Porridge, Mee Sua is especially good to eat during hot days like now. I remember my Mom used to cook Mee Sua for me when I was having a fever. Mee Sua is traditionally believed that it can help to reduce the heatiness in our body. I’m not a big fan of Mee Sua to be honest, because of its rather soggy texture. But I sure don’t mind eating it once in a while especially after I found a restaurant that serves a reasonably good tasting Mee Sua.

Sharkfin Mee Sua Tow (鱼翅面线糊) – not too soggy and reasonably good tasting. Comes in a big pot for 2 person and above. Add a dash of vinegar for a more appetizing flavour :)

3 Tastes Oyster (三味蚝) – Tiny oysters cooked in a sauce with 3 tastes - sweet, sour & spicy. You’ll find it hard to stop popping one after another of these juicy and tender little tiny oysters into your mouth.

Fried Prawn (香脆虾煎) – as crispy and as aromatic as the given name. Somewhat, the taste made me think of Vadai,a doughnut-shaped Indian snack. Eat it on its own or dip it into the sweet & spicy sauce. Mmm ^~^

Teow Chew Yam Paste (潮州白果芋泥) – A Teow Chew traditional dessert. It is cleverly served in a small portion, so you don’t have to worry that it’ll add up too many burdens to the tummy after that hearty meal. Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet too. Chris told me they use pork lard to blend with the yam, so I reckon we should just make it as an occasional indulgence.

Actually, I was first brought to this restaurant by a dear friend, Lay Har, for my birthday lunch years ago. Although she is no longer here, she’ll live eternally in my memories ~


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