Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nina by Ninna Ricci

Adding to the list, this is my 8th bottle of perfume since I first started using a perfume. Looking at the history listing of the perfume I’ve used, most of them have one thing in common – sweet or fruity (I mean the smells). I have a little weakness for sweet-smelling perfumes. It made me feel sweet all over like a candy bar, though I don’t look like one :P Is it me or other girls out there have a fascination toward girly perfumes too? Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many fruit-inspired perfumes in the perfume market.

My affection toward sweet devil Nina started innocently enough (like the usual opening sentence in a love story :p). I was wandering around in a duty free shop at LCCT last December and something red caught my eyes. This red apple-shaped bottle was displayed on a rack together with other popular perfumes. Without much hesitation, I reached for it and made a small pump on my wrist. A mild sweet scent floated in the air and that’s it I thought. I’m going to get you………………. one day! Sorry Nina, I still have Green Apple & Pink Apple at home waiting for me :( Well, I guess I’ll just have to talk with them first before I take you home, that would be fairer to you, wouldn’t it?

The point of the story is - one can’t have too many perfumes at the same time. Not like I’m one of those who spray perfume on their body as though they are spraying mozzies with Ridsect. A single bottle of perfume can last me for more than a year and considering the fact that I have 2 bottles, I actually don’t need to buy any for next 2 years.

BUT….. (there’s always a BUT in a story) At last…. Chris bought it for me T.T *touched* .. at Sasa (莎莎) during our HK trip last month. After some price comparison, Sasa has the best deal. Indeed, much cheaper than duty free shop in airport! I’m really pleased with its sweet smell that can last for one whole day. Worth all the anticipation!


  1. nice design! I love red color too!!

  2. You just exactly like one of my friend and she also bought the same perfume bcoz she like sweet smell.

    As for me, I`m more like fresh and citrus smell

  3. Because i'm not a sweet person, so i need to fake it with sweet perfume. LOL!
    Actually, I'm ok with any perfume as long as the smell is not too strong :)


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