Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Four Piggy – Steamboat at Nicole’s House

A long awaited 2nd gathering! This time, Nicole invited us to her home sweet home!

Pig Sus, Pig Bel, Pig Nic, Pig Joe

A cozy & nicely renovated home….. Love x 100! Nicole must have put a lot of effort in it :)

Woo hoo, wanted to meet Nalyssa since long time ago. But…. She was so shy; when she saw us she cried and hid herself in the room….. T.T Aunty Joey was so sad… Maybe she was kind of terrified having so many strangers suddenly booming into her territory :D But thick-faced us (me and Bel, to be precise) marched into her princess room anyway, muahaha *evil laugh* Her room is a dream room for every girl! Everything’s pink *.* Envious….

Joey: RAWR!!
Barney: Help Nalyssa, HELP!! T.T

Evil Bel & Monster Joe

Finally, we pretended to look away and pay no attention to her for some time and to our surprise, slowly, she came near to us (to her mummy). And by the end of the night, she even gave us a hug and goodnight kiss! Sweet little Nalyssa :) Oh, she’s a Drama & Manja Queen too, in a cute way ~ I JUST LOVE baby girls!

A “cheat” photo :D Finally able to take a good sniff of her ... I have this baby-sniffing habit :D


Back to the gathering, the initial plan was to have a potluck party but ended up we had steamboat instead. It was a relieve for me because to cook for friends, is a kind of pressure :P Steamboat is not a bad idea for a gathering because we can cook, eat and chat, all at the same time.

While the guys were watching TV in the living room, the four of us eat & chat around the boiling pot of steamboat at the balcony.

Went for a walk at the poolside after that tummy-bursting meal. The pool area was…. stunning! If I was not having period, I would have jumped into the pool!

And took loads of silly photos! Had lots of fun! As though we were back to our sixteen! Luckily we didn’t get any complaint for making so much noise :P

Who came up with this crazy idea huh?

All sort of Silly expressions!

Threesome ~ Taken by Susan, not bad eh?

Pheww… I really had a good time. When is our 3rd gathering? Well, let’s plan together again, shall we? :)

Special thanks to:
Belinda & Daniel – for the transport!
Nicole – for inviting us to her beautiful home sweet home!
Susan – for buying most of the steamboat ingredients!

And last but not least
Nalyssa – for her hugs & kisses!


  1. so envy on u girls got such good "sisters"

  2. I suppose u should have a group of good friends at Melb too? You have a bunch of lovely colleagues, don't you? :)

  3. :D hey there, wow this post is up too. Gosh so efficient.
    oh..HIE LAURA!!!!
    We can all meet-up when you're here in KL kayz.

  4. I post this up the next day after I post it at FB :D ya right, we can meet up for a drink or so :)

  5. why not the 3rd gathering at my house this time?? I'll be the chef.....

  6. No problem, let's plan together for a date :) but not too soon ya :P


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