Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dim Sum & Shopping with Besties

Brought my two besties, Agnes and Selina to Axian Dim Sum for breakfast two weeks ago! Well, that doesn’t seem to be a perfect idea after all. Selina is quite a picky eater – she don’t eat anything spicy (not even a dot of chili allowed), particularly defensive toward foods that she hasn’t tried before and worst still, in this case, prawn! How could I bring someone who doesn’t eat prawn to eat Dim Sum? I shouldn’t have forgotten that she has a mild allergy toward prawn. Most of the Dim Sums are made of prawns or have prawns in it.

Hence, we had a lot of leftover and we had to ask for ta pao. Ta pao leftover Dim Sum…. My 1st time ever! What’s more frustrating, they both don’t even want to try the LaoSa Pau that I ordered T.T .... Me alone had to stuff in two of that! *sigh*

My two besties - Selina & Agnes

Selina, where's your kiss? -3-

After that, shopping time! :P Okla, I broke my no-shopping-for-month(s) promise. Aih…. :( But shopping with besties is exceptionally fun. You know, it’s a girl thing. We would eye for things for each other and give opinions when needed. We would share drinks, share an ice cream and even share a fitting room together. Bet guys wouldn’t do that, would they? :D


  1. imagining how hard for me which i got a friend is vegetarian who also dont eat onion, mushroom & egg >_<" even fries fried/chips if got chicken salt also cant eat it.

  2. Oh my, your friend is a pure vegetarian and that's even harder to find a perfect place for gathering. Hmm, let me guess..does your friend practise yoga meditation? Because they will usually take out Mushroom from their diet, as I've heard of. Actually, I used to be a vegetarian too :P but I can eat egg, onion and dairy products.


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