Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chris’s Birthday @ Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

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Proved that my decision is not always wrong! Picking Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio for Chris’s Birthday lunch is one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made :D After many good reviews from food bloggers about this exquisite dining place, I have shortlisted it for quite some time ago. But deciding to go during Chris’s birthday was kind of a last minute decision (because I was hypnotized by their oh-so-colourful Macaron!).


Since it is located at the modish Solaris Dutamas, I thought finding this gourmet studio is a no-brainer. Turned out that it wasn’t as easy-peasy as I thought because half of the area was still under construction. Couldn’t locate the basement parking area, we parked a few blocks away and had to walk all the way to Nathalie’s.

Albeit its small dining area, the ambiance is clean and decent with the good help of bright sunlight flowing in from the glass panel – simplicity is the word. The tall dining table and stool is not too comfy though, because I can’t climb up and down freely as I’m wearing a short dress =.=

Their menu changes every month to keep you enticed and going back for more of their new recipes. Let’s see what we picked on their August menu ~ :)

Complimentary Bread & Butter – crusty & heartwarming bread to fill our growling tummy while waiting for the starters :)

Crispy Scallop Tart, Melted Onions and Sechouan Pepper Sauce – raw juicy scallops with a surprise bottom! A fork of scallop with melted onions and its crispy base, divine!

Risotto Like a Paella, King Prawn, Squids and Chicken, Saffron Emulsion – Plump and fluffy rice doused in thick & creamy broth with a strong cheese flavour. Very filling! This is actually my second attempt with Risotto. Had my first years ago somewhere in KL - the rice was so uncooked, I was put off. But this has gave me a new impression of Risotto :)

Half Cooked Salmon, Daikon and Wasabi Puree, Coriander Pesto – surprisingly, the wasabi puree is not spicy at all. The salmon tastes nice though Chris would prefer it rawer.

Mini Vanilla and Caramel Choux, Chestnut and Chocolate Espuma, Green Tea Macaron – a dessert mini-platter to end the perfect meal. Lovely ~


Cappuccino. I just can’t resist playing with the bubbles :P

This got to be the highlight of the entire meal - Nathalie’s signature, Macaron! Who can resist the rainbow colours of Macaron that read Happy Mood?!

Nicely packed in a container and sealed with a ribbon. Randomly picked 5 out of a total of 18 flavours. I literally just point at the colours that catch my eye because there are simply too many to choose from and I can’t afford to try all at RM4.40 each….. T3T

Supposedly to be take away but I can’t wait I untie it on the spot and have my first bite right away (after camwhoring with ‘em ^^”) ~

My favourite of the bunch is Lavender. Green Tea is slightly too sweet. It may look hard on the outside but it cracks very easily once lightly bitten.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the foods – the taste, the presentation. We walk out from Nathalie’s feeling happy and contented. *BIG SMILE* Can’t wait to back for more surprises!

Oh, there is a separated kitchen area on the right side and there seems like a cooking lesson is going on. We found out later at their website that they do provide cooking lesson to interested people. For their schedule and charges, check out their website - Nathalie's Gourmet Studio . I secretly hoping that I could attend cooking classes like these one day ^.^

To Chris, cheers! ^^


  1. a satisfied meal... (o'i')wee

  2. I love the food at Nathalie's too. And my fav macarons from there are lavender-apricot and rose-lychee :)

  3. Hi Baby Sumo, what a cute name :D Will try more flavours next round, really can't wait to back there again! ^^

  4. Omgosh, I have to say nice post & pics! What camera are you using?

    PS. If I forgotten to check out your reply, can you pls reply in my blog. Thanks & sorry for 'mafan' you. Cheerios~

  5. Halo Melmonica, thanks!! We are using Canon 450D :) Will surely drop by at your blog later ;>


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