Wednesday, August 25, 2010


During a gathering for my Grandpa’s birthday dinner, I suddenly came up with this silly idea of making (if not forcing) 3 of my cousin sis to act out the 4 expressions of 喜怒哀乐 (Happy, Angry, Sad, Joyful) while I record it on a video. Surprisingly, they were quite supportive with my idea. In fact, we had so much fun throughout the making of the videos :D All did a great job but the best actress was (drum rolling) …… Mun! I personally think that she has the best “Sad” expression! Her furrowed eyebrow with that sad-puppy-eye, excellent!

And my aunt asked “Where’s your own video then?” Uh-uh, I’m never good in acting or expressing myself in a video, to be honest. So better leave it to the “pro” instead :P

I’m not sure if they are prepared to let me post the videos to the public. So I’ll just share the photos of 4 of us making the 4 expressions together. I bursted into laughter halfway, particularly when it came to the “Angry” expression -_- not that I seldom get angry, just that the funny hormones tickle my brain while I’m at it *self-defensive*

Oh, I really gotta say, they can really act! You see.. and that was the best “Angry” I could do, more like a --> -_- literally...


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