Monday, August 02, 2010

Axian Dim Sum @ USJ 9

Axian Dim Sum, partially owned by 阿贤 (Axian), is our new favourite place for Dim Sum. Most of the Astro AEC viewer, if not all, will know who 阿贤 is. He is the host for a famous local food guide on AEC, 阿贤人情味 (Taste with Jason). He is well-liked by many for his approachable and the guy-next-door appearance. As I know, there are 2 branches – Bandar Puteri, Puchong & USJ 9. If you are looking forward to discovering a new place for Dim Sum, this place might just be right for you :)

流沙包 (LauSa Pao) – one of their signature Dim Sum. My advice is – eat it while it’s hot but beware of the hot filling inside! You don’t wanna burn your tongue nor get caught in a hand full of dripping liquid, do you? And yes, I’m one of them! :P The filling inside is made of salted egg yolk and has a nice thick grainy texture to it.

Crispy Rice Vermicelli Roll - ahhh, I’m a big fans of crispy foods. This is one of the best that I’ve tried. Fried till perfection. It won’t leave your mouth feeling greasy, guess that’s what makes fried foods less sinful :D

沙律虾卷(Prawn Salad). 沙律脆皮卷 (Crispy Salad Roll) – as crispy as it looks.

水晶虾饺王(Har Kau). 鱼翅卖(Yu Chi Mai).

招牌蒸虾卖(Har Mai). 烧卖(Siew Mai)

Mussel with pork paste, preserved radish and garlic.
Shrimp Cheong Fun – as usual, smooth and nice to be eaten with the chili shrimp paste.

Sesame Ball. Mini Egg Tart.

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