Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chris’s Birthday @ Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

Matching wall deco

Proved that my decision is not always wrong! Picking Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio for Chris’s Birthday lunch is one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made :D After many good reviews from food bloggers about this exquisite dining place, I have shortlisted it for quite some time ago. But deciding to go during Chris’s birthday was kind of a last minute decision (because I was hypnotized by their oh-so-colourful Macaron!).


Since it is located at the modish Solaris Dutamas, I thought finding this gourmet studio is a no-brainer. Turned out that it wasn’t as easy-peasy as I thought because half of the area was still under construction. Couldn’t locate the basement parking area, we parked a few blocks away and had to walk all the way to Nathalie’s.

Albeit its small dining area, the ambiance is clean and decent with the good help of bright sunlight flowing in from the glass panel – simplicity is the word. The tall dining table and stool is not too comfy though, because I can’t climb up and down freely as I’m wearing a short dress =.=

Their menu changes every month to keep you enticed and going back for more of their new recipes. Let’s see what we picked on their August menu ~ :)

Complimentary Bread & Butter – crusty & heartwarming bread to fill our growling tummy while waiting for the starters :)

Crispy Scallop Tart, Melted Onions and Sechouan Pepper Sauce – raw juicy scallops with a surprise bottom! A fork of scallop with melted onions and its crispy base, divine!

Risotto Like a Paella, King Prawn, Squids and Chicken, Saffron Emulsion – Plump and fluffy rice doused in thick & creamy broth with a strong cheese flavour. Very filling! This is actually my second attempt with Risotto. Had my first years ago somewhere in KL - the rice was so uncooked, I was put off. But this has gave me a new impression of Risotto :)

Half Cooked Salmon, Daikon and Wasabi Puree, Coriander Pesto – surprisingly, the wasabi puree is not spicy at all. The salmon tastes nice though Chris would prefer it rawer.

Mini Vanilla and Caramel Choux, Chestnut and Chocolate Espuma, Green Tea Macaron – a dessert mini-platter to end the perfect meal. Lovely ~


Cappuccino. I just can’t resist playing with the bubbles :P

This got to be the highlight of the entire meal - Nathalie’s signature, Macaron! Who can resist the rainbow colours of Macaron that read Happy Mood?!

Nicely packed in a container and sealed with a ribbon. Randomly picked 5 out of a total of 18 flavours. I literally just point at the colours that catch my eye because there are simply too many to choose from and I can’t afford to try all at RM4.40 each….. T3T

Supposedly to be take away but I can’t wait I untie it on the spot and have my first bite right away (after camwhoring with ‘em ^^”) ~

My favourite of the bunch is Lavender. Green Tea is slightly too sweet. It may look hard on the outside but it cracks very easily once lightly bitten.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the foods – the taste, the presentation. We walk out from Nathalie’s feeling happy and contented. *BIG SMILE* Can’t wait to back for more surprises!

Oh, there is a separated kitchen area on the right side and there seems like a cooking lesson is going on. We found out later at their website that they do provide cooking lesson to interested people. For their schedule and charges, check out their website - Nathalie's Gourmet Studio . I secretly hoping that I could attend cooking classes like these one day ^.^

To Chris, cheers! ^^

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TV, Online or Blog?

Watching TV after dinner is a daily routine for most people, if not all. But I bet there’s someone who categorizes TV Watching as a “Luxury” activity for a pastime, particularly during weekdays. I’m one of them. I can easily fill in all the leisure time after work by going to gym, cooking a simple meal, doing house chores, D.I.Y facial at home, blogging……all which is a compulsory daily/weekly routine, hmm! Watching TV is only an option when there are some specific reasons and they have to be approved by, well, myself. Did I make watching TV sounds like a crime? :/

Like yesterday night, I was in the same dilemma scenario as every night:

I have done the laundry and facial, so now, should I watch TV, online or blog? TV, online, blog? TV, online, blog?... The same question keeps repeating in my mind =.= Quick, think of an excuse… ! So… I’m feeling rather sluggish now due to the lack of sleep last night, I have a mild headache and that ulcer in my mouth doesn’t make me feeling any better. OK, approved! I declare that I deserve a good TV therapy tonight! *switch on the TV* :D

Oh by the way, this is what I’ve been watching lately. Off Pedder (畢打自己人) is one of TVB’s long marathon sitcom with hundreds of episode, 20-30 mins each. I’m quite a fans of sitcom like this, because it has many scenes and scenarios which are very closely linked to our daily life. Besides giving you a good entertainment, there are some positive messages in every episode too :)

Ciao ~ counting down to the long weekend ahead (and Chris's Birthday) !! ^o^ ~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


During a gathering for my Grandpa’s birthday dinner, I suddenly came up with this silly idea of making (if not forcing) 3 of my cousin sis to act out the 4 expressions of 喜怒哀乐 (Happy, Angry, Sad, Joyful) while I record it on a video. Surprisingly, they were quite supportive with my idea. In fact, we had so much fun throughout the making of the videos :D All did a great job but the best actress was (drum rolling) …… Mun! I personally think that she has the best “Sad” expression! Her furrowed eyebrow with that sad-puppy-eye, excellent!

And my aunt asked “Where’s your own video then?” Uh-uh, I’m never good in acting or expressing myself in a video, to be honest. So better leave it to the “pro” instead :P

I’m not sure if they are prepared to let me post the videos to the public. So I’ll just share the photos of 4 of us making the 4 expressions together. I bursted into laughter halfway, particularly when it came to the “Angry” expression -_- not that I seldom get angry, just that the funny hormones tickle my brain while I’m at it *self-defensive*

Oh, I really gotta say, they can really act! You see.. and that was the best “Angry” I could do, more like a --> -_- literally...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 100th Post!

Whoopps, my 100th post (as at 17th Aug 10)! :D I created this blog on.. let’s see… on Sept 2006. It has been almost 4 years! Oh gosh!

My blog has been a pity baby, being abandoned most of the time and not taken care of. I think there were times when you would see spider webs and bushy moulds, all happily making a habitat at my blog. Not a nice sight.. LOL! I had always wished to stay active in my blog… and I TRIED to.. Maybe writing was quite a challenge for me :/ especially last year when I had to work overtime almost every day. I don’t even have enough time to sleep, let alone blog!

BUT FOR NOW....! Ha-ha, I have more time to write! So FOR THE TIME BEING, I’ve been a good mama to joey-café *applause* :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

TMO Joey’s Café New Banner!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have created a new banner for Joey’s Café! :) Wanted to change the banner for sooo long but got no ideas and time for it. Last Saturday, the urge inside has finally won over me and the next thing I know, I was clicking away in my PS, trying to implement the gross idea I had drafted in my mind. I want something that can go with my blog name, Joey’s café.. a café-related theme, perhaps? So I was thinking of something woody for the background, a café logo and some suitable photos to put in. After lots of material searching, editing and layering this is the first outcome:

Just as what I want, simple & clean – with just 2 photos and a logo. (Whisper: I’m quite happy with the logo, hehe ^^v)

It occurred to me that it’s…erm… way too empty. Hence, I picked and added in a combination of mini photos on the side and it came out to this:

Hmm, not bad eh? :P There’s more life to this banner already.

And so I uploaded it to my blog and…… wait…. it can be better! I adjusted everything more to the top & right side, leaving about 1cm gap on the bottom & left side and filled it with white colour. Then rearranged that group of mini photos and voila! The final piece:

The mini photos seem to blend well with my blog’s background as though they are sticked on it, without a border. This is after the 5th amendment. So satisfied just by looking at it… hmm :D oh please, just let me shiok for a while.. I’ve spent ½ day on it, gosh!

Hope this banner can last me for at least half a year before I get bored again :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nina by Ninna Ricci

Adding to the list, this is my 8th bottle of perfume since I first started using a perfume. Looking at the history listing of the perfume I’ve used, most of them have one thing in common – sweet or fruity (I mean the smells). I have a little weakness for sweet-smelling perfumes. It made me feel sweet all over like a candy bar, though I don’t look like one :P Is it me or other girls out there have a fascination toward girly perfumes too? Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many fruit-inspired perfumes in the perfume market.

My affection toward sweet devil Nina started innocently enough (like the usual opening sentence in a love story :p). I was wandering around in a duty free shop at LCCT last December and something red caught my eyes. This red apple-shaped bottle was displayed on a rack together with other popular perfumes. Without much hesitation, I reached for it and made a small pump on my wrist. A mild sweet scent floated in the air and that’s it I thought. I’m going to get you………………. one day! Sorry Nina, I still have Green Apple & Pink Apple at home waiting for me :( Well, I guess I’ll just have to talk with them first before I take you home, that would be fairer to you, wouldn’t it?

The point of the story is - one can’t have too many perfumes at the same time. Not like I’m one of those who spray perfume on their body as though they are spraying mozzies with Ridsect. A single bottle of perfume can last me for more than a year and considering the fact that I have 2 bottles, I actually don’t need to buy any for next 2 years.

BUT….. (there’s always a BUT in a story) At last…. Chris bought it for me T.T *touched* .. at Sasa (莎莎) during our HK trip last month. After some price comparison, Sasa has the best deal. Indeed, much cheaper than duty free shop in airport! I’m really pleased with its sweet smell that can last for one whole day. Worth all the anticipation!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dim Sum & Shopping with Besties

Brought my two besties, Agnes and Selina to Axian Dim Sum for breakfast two weeks ago! Well, that doesn’t seem to be a perfect idea after all. Selina is quite a picky eater – she don’t eat anything spicy (not even a dot of chili allowed), particularly defensive toward foods that she hasn’t tried before and worst still, in this case, prawn! How could I bring someone who doesn’t eat prawn to eat Dim Sum? I shouldn’t have forgotten that she has a mild allergy toward prawn. Most of the Dim Sums are made of prawns or have prawns in it.

Hence, we had a lot of leftover and we had to ask for ta pao. Ta pao leftover Dim Sum…. My 1st time ever! What’s more frustrating, they both don’t even want to try the LaoSa Pau that I ordered T.T .... Me alone had to stuff in two of that! *sigh*

My two besties - Selina & Agnes

Selina, where's your kiss? -3-

After that, shopping time! :P Okla, I broke my no-shopping-for-month(s) promise. Aih…. :( But shopping with besties is exceptionally fun. You know, it’s a girl thing. We would eye for things for each other and give opinions when needed. We would share drinks, share an ice cream and even share a fitting room together. Bet guys wouldn’t do that, would they? :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doodle doodles...

Ta da… my masterpiece! :D starts doodling after I finished off a task… they say, you can read a person’s current state of mind through his/her doodles… so what does that says about me? Maybe I was hungry or craving for foods? Well, if you were to ask me, I think I was.. Happy (that I finished a task)! And food is something that can makes me happy :)

Tomorrow's Monday again ... Miao :(

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pasta Zanmai @ Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya

Now that it's our first time at Pasta Zanmai, the adventurous Joey in me is asking me to feed her with something new. Not the usual Clam Pasta nor Bolognese Spaghetti but…. See what she spotted on the menu:

Surumi Squid & Squid-ink Pasta (Ika to Ika Sumi No Pasta)
Squid-ink Pasta? Hmmm, might not unusual for some but for me, it’s quite a bizarre. But this plate of blackish pasta did a good job in leaving a good first impression to a first timer, me. So, it’s not fishy-smelling nor taste weird (not as what I imagined)… It’s good! :) The pasta was cooked until al dente, just the way I like my pasta to be. The only complain? The black stains on my lips! – 3 – *poisonous lips*

Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with Spicy Cod Fish Roe & Mayonnaise Pizza (Hotate to Kinoko No Mentaimayo Pizza) – this is something more normal, haha! I appreciate its crispy thin crust and the juicy fat scallops on top. Hmm, Pasta Zanmai can bake good pizza, too!

Awww, there’s an assortment of fancy desserts in the menu! *drooling* But I can only pick one! :(

Crepe with Green Tea Ice Cream & Red Bean (Macha Crepe) –The only setback for this dessert was the fruits in it tasted a bit sour. Over all, it tasted ok, though I would still prefer wrap-around crepes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Four Piggy – Steamboat at Nicole’s House

A long awaited 2nd gathering! This time, Nicole invited us to her home sweet home!

Pig Sus, Pig Bel, Pig Nic, Pig Joe

A cozy & nicely renovated home….. Love x 100! Nicole must have put a lot of effort in it :)

Woo hoo, wanted to meet Nalyssa since long time ago. But…. She was so shy; when she saw us she cried and hid herself in the room….. T.T Aunty Joey was so sad… Maybe she was kind of terrified having so many strangers suddenly booming into her territory :D But thick-faced us (me and Bel, to be precise) marched into her princess room anyway, muahaha *evil laugh* Her room is a dream room for every girl! Everything’s pink *.* Envious….

Joey: RAWR!!
Barney: Help Nalyssa, HELP!! T.T

Evil Bel & Monster Joe

Finally, we pretended to look away and pay no attention to her for some time and to our surprise, slowly, she came near to us (to her mummy). And by the end of the night, she even gave us a hug and goodnight kiss! Sweet little Nalyssa :) Oh, she’s a Drama & Manja Queen too, in a cute way ~ I JUST LOVE baby girls!

A “cheat” photo :D Finally able to take a good sniff of her ... I have this baby-sniffing habit :D


Back to the gathering, the initial plan was to have a potluck party but ended up we had steamboat instead. It was a relieve for me because to cook for friends, is a kind of pressure :P Steamboat is not a bad idea for a gathering because we can cook, eat and chat, all at the same time.

While the guys were watching TV in the living room, the four of us eat & chat around the boiling pot of steamboat at the balcony.

Went for a walk at the poolside after that tummy-bursting meal. The pool area was…. stunning! If I was not having period, I would have jumped into the pool!

And took loads of silly photos! Had lots of fun! As though we were back to our sixteen! Luckily we didn’t get any complaint for making so much noise :P

Who came up with this crazy idea huh?

All sort of Silly expressions!

Threesome ~ Taken by Susan, not bad eh?

Pheww… I really had a good time. When is our 3rd gathering? Well, let’s plan together again, shall we? :)

Special thanks to:
Belinda & Daniel – for the transport!
Nicole – for inviting us to her beautiful home sweet home!
Susan – for buying most of the steamboat ingredients!

And last but not least
Nalyssa – for her hugs & kisses!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Rojak @ SS15, Subang Jaya

As far I could remember, this Rojak stall started off on a motorcycle as what most of the Rojak vendors did. They have accumulated loads of loyal patrons along the years. There are times when you can see a snake-long queue just for this famous Rojak. I even saw some decently dressed office ladies and office guys eating their Rojak on the roadside during lunch hour without much hesitation. This Rojak stall also has been a significant landmark of SS15, Subang Jaya due to its popularity. Due to some circumstances, it has now moved to a nearby food stand. I went at 11am on a Saturday and found that the queue was shorter with just 2 people in front of me. I reckon it is wise to go during off-peak hours like before lunch time and in between tea time.

Rojak with Egg – I ordered extra keropok to go with my Rojak. For me, the keropok is the most alluring factor in a Rojak. By the time pour it out from the packet after a few hours, the fried dough fritters was a bit dampen by the moisture inside the packet. Would taste much better if eaten on the spot. Now I know why there were peoples who wouldn’t mind eating it on the roadside regardless of the hot weather.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Teo Chew Meng Restaurant @ SS14, Subang Jaya.

Craving for some Teo Chew treat? Apart from the usual Teo Chew Porridge, Mee Sua is especially good to eat during hot days like now. I remember my Mom used to cook Mee Sua for me when I was having a fever. Mee Sua is traditionally believed that it can help to reduce the heatiness in our body. I’m not a big fan of Mee Sua to be honest, because of its rather soggy texture. But I sure don’t mind eating it once in a while especially after I found a restaurant that serves a reasonably good tasting Mee Sua.

Sharkfin Mee Sua Tow (鱼翅面线糊) – not too soggy and reasonably good tasting. Comes in a big pot for 2 person and above. Add a dash of vinegar for a more appetizing flavour :)

3 Tastes Oyster (三味蚝) – Tiny oysters cooked in a sauce with 3 tastes - sweet, sour & spicy. You’ll find it hard to stop popping one after another of these juicy and tender little tiny oysters into your mouth.

Fried Prawn (香脆虾煎) – as crispy and as aromatic as the given name. Somewhat, the taste made me think of Vadai,a doughnut-shaped Indian snack. Eat it on its own or dip it into the sweet & spicy sauce. Mmm ^~^

Teow Chew Yam Paste (潮州白果芋泥) – A Teow Chew traditional dessert. It is cleverly served in a small portion, so you don’t have to worry that it’ll add up too many burdens to the tummy after that hearty meal. Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet too. Chris told me they use pork lard to blend with the yam, so I reckon we should just make it as an occasional indulgence.

Actually, I was first brought to this restaurant by a dear friend, Lay Har, for my birthday lunch years ago. Although she is no longer here, she’ll live eternally in my memories ~
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