Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea Tree Blemish Gel, Harmonising Massage Oil & Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo

Tea Tree Blemish Gel – had read some good review about this in magazine. Consists of Tea Tea Oil which can help to kill bacteria. To be applied on pimples. Beside that, I also use it to apply on pimple’s scar to speed up the healing process. Comes with an applicator but to prevent bacteria from building up on the applicator, I dot it on my finger first before I apply it on the targeted area. Oh, love its smells too.. Can’t help but to take a small sniff each time I twist it open :P

Harmonising Massage Oil – I have a little addiction on the scent of essential oils. Though I didn’t imply it in my daily life but shops and beauty salons with such smells never fail to attract me. Even with just a whiff, I feel relaxed a teeny weeny bit already. And pictures of me getting a nice body massage or a facial in a Balinese room will automatically pop out in my mind. Mmm mm ~
This massage oil is for me as well as Chris. I will give Chris a good back massage once in a blue moon for a reward after a hard day :) As for myself, a funky line classmate of mine has introduced a massage centre to me which I have yet to try. She suggested that I bring my own massage oil because we need to fork out extra money if we want to upgrade from normal massage oil (read: lousy) to better ones. This massage oil has a pleasant lemongrass smells and if combined with a good massage, totally divine!

Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo – it reads “Body building shampoo for thicker, fuller hair. For Fine Hair” Ahh, this is for me, for my fine hair, right! I’m constantly finding ways to “thicken” my hair and the most effective way by far is, color it! Just love the coarse texture of my hair after each coloring session. Ooppss, sounds a tad abusive :P I’ve been using this shampoo on alternate day for a month and though it didn’t turn my limp hair into a retro-thick-hair overnight, I’m still quite happy with its effect and its enticing berry scent! Hair smells berry delicious after each wash… yum!

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