Thursday, July 08, 2010

热辣辣Summer の Hong Kong - Day 1

The climate in HK during summer is hotter than Malaysia! It was our short little shopping trip this time round, just 4 days 3 nights. I have to admit that we are quite a fans of HK :D many people gave us the same ‘ol reaction– “HK again?! Not bored ar?” Ya right, HK is not a big country but there are still so many places yet to be explored. Well, the main big reason is of course, the air fare at Air Asia is too tempting to resist! Man, I LOVE AIR ASIA!

Sunrise :)

Here comes the metropolis!

Not much photos this time round because as I said it was a shopping trip, we spent most of the time walking in the mall. Most of the major shops were on sales because it was a sale season there! But I didn’t come back with a lot of catches though. Will share that later ~:)

After checked in to hotel, we grabbed a lunch at Maxims Restaurant (美心). Very much similar to Café de Coral, it is a fast food restaurant serving Chinese delicacies. It’s easier to spot a Café de Coral Restaurant compare to Maxims though. Guess they are still expanding. Nice food, reasonably priced, efficient services – a good place to fill your growling tummy anytime of the day!

Roasted Pork Rice – the skin is very crispy.

Six Combo Rice – the bad cholesterol treat! More than enough to feed a hungry monster!

As for their Maxim’s Cake Shop (美心西餅) under the same roof, it’s all over the places! There is one in every corner of the street and MTR subway, you will not miss it! I did not take any photos of their bread I tried but I can say that it was very delicious! I tried their egg & ham toast and a small loaf of bread with cheese slices. I gotta say, Yummy!
Went to Argyle Centre. Been there a while last year and have been craving for more. Similar to our Sg. Wang but way more narrow and jam-packed! It’s like swimming through a big group of sardines inside with hundreds of mini store/shop to browse through. I gave up after ½ hour! Most of the clothes & accessories were for ‘mui mui zai’… but I’m not leaving with an empty hand, I got myself a sandal and cute printed shirt :)

Bags of catches


Steamboat dinner at Dao Xiang at 新港中心,Tsim Tsa Tsui….. By the way, they have a few branches. Recommended by a blogger. We ordered too much of steamboat ingredients :/ my fault for being greedy… I’m outta control when I’m feeling hungry…

Awaiting our steamboat ingredients

8 choices of condiments to go with the steamboat ingredients.

Our pot of steamboat.

Steamboat ingredients – Teo Chew Fish Ball, Fu Zhuk Roll, Prawn, Scallop, Dumpling

Vacuum packed fresh oyster in a cup.

This is how it looks like after poured out. Expanded to its original size.

We ended up with a near-bursting stomach and a temporary phobia for steamboat....!
The quality of the foods & services was average. I reckon there’re better ones out there. One thing I really don’t like was; they refill the steamboat soup with plain water! Is that a culture in HK or Dao Xiang itself? What we know is, usually the steamboat soup will be refilled by chicken stock. And the worst thing is… Chris had diarrhea the next day…... o.O

Took a leisure walk at Avenue of Stars before we head back to hotel :>

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