Friday, July 16, 2010

热辣辣Summer の Hong Kong - Day 4

So the little pork bun thingy is so seducing, we back to Lan Fong Yuen(兰芳园) the next day for more....猪排....
Apart from the 2 porkie buns, we ordered 黄金鸡排捞丁 and 鸡翼捞丁. It has to be said that Nissin Noodle is part of the staple food for Hongkist, youngster especially. I mean, in that entire lunch menu, half of it is Nissin Noodle in all sorts of style. I personally think that it is not..very..healthy. But it shouldn’t do any harm if eaten on an occasional basis.

鸡翼捞丁 (Chicken Wing Nissin Noodle)

黄金鸡排捞丁 (Golden Chicken Chop Nissin Noodle)

The restaurant’s owner is a BIG HUGE fan of Alan Tham. Very obvious. Just look at the walls around. There is an entire collection of Alan Tham’s poster plastered nicely on the wall with his original signature on it, and his song playing in the background. It’s like you have entered The Alan Tham’s Kopitiam, haha! And there’s a note stated “All posters are a precious collection of the owner. Please do not touch” :D

A friendly waitress there, offered to help to snap a photo for both of us. Lovely :)

Did some last minute shopping all around Tsim Tsa Tsui. Leaving soon… T3T

Took a break at Hui Lau Shan (許留山) after a long walking marathon.

In Airport Express, on the way to HKIA……

As usual, we reached airport hours earlier. Better be safe than sorry… :) Missing flight is not fun, at all. We had had a taste of it.

Seafood Ramen and Gyoza to fill up the tummy before boarding.

Chris & I have to sit separately. Wtf. I wonder what seat allocation system they are using. Couples, friends and some family groups even, were not allocated to sit together. Many were exchanging seats with each other to be able to stick to their own group and that, created a chaos in the plane == Thanks to that dumb system. Air Asia, I love you, but please improve this!

Killing time with magazines, sitting alone :(

So long HK……! We'll be back very soon! Ya right, we must be crazy! Hah!


  1. hie girl. you are not back yet, dont tell me u are bloggin this in HK? gosh, crazy ah you.

  2. LOL! I'm back bout 2 weeks ago girl! Maybe I have used any wrong words that created such confusion? o.O please correct me!

  3. Omg this is awesome, I'm going to HK on march, reading your entry sure give me a lot ideas & tip :D

  4. Nah, as u can see, my HK post is not informative enough. I didn't take down the address and I didn't provide a how-to-get-there guide :D but never mind, Google is always there to help! Nevertheless, happy to know there's someone who like the post!


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